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    Driving me nuts, help me....

    Billy Thorpe
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    Considering a 1954 Goldtop

    54 to 56 goldtop is my dream guitar. Both of those listed look really good. I never heard of Tone Tailors, but they're only half an hour from me. I may have to go look at that beauty. Good luck with you quest, and be sure to keep us up-dated .
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    Let’s see those Elite/Elitists!

    I have an 05 Elitist LP. I think they're really nice guitars. I'd like have one of the ES 335's.
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    Copper Bridge?

    Don't worry it isn't a copper bridge. I worked in a plating plant many moons ago. The bare metal would get a copper coat then (sometimes) nickle coat then the chrome. FWIW chrome plate is clear. The shiny color comes from the nickle or other layers beneath.
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    RIP Ed, Thanks for the music. You will be missed.:(
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    Carved Top SG/LP

    I generally don't like quilt tops. BUT that is just beautiful. Well done.
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    NGD 1961 Les Paul Custom Reissue

    Sweet guitar. I have a soft spot for early LPs...(SGs)
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    1969 Tele Thinline build

    Looks great. I'm anxious to see the final result. I want to do a Tele-ish build, a Lestercaster. Mahogany body, maple neck; and P90s. I need to find decent plan. pshupe said: " I setup my drill press to the correct height and use a countersink tool that has the same taper as most screws...
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    HM Regrets? Her you are Justin.
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    Sticker switch cavity R9

    The previous owners locker combination? Sweet guitar.
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    Duane and Slide

    Duane used glass. His slide of choice was a Coricidin (allergy med.) bottle. The old Badger air brush bottles are almost identical. He said that he wrote to Coricidin and said how he liked the bottles, and they sent a whole box of them,lol.
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    Anyone played a Slim Taper D neck??

    I have a '97 LP Standard from the Unsung plant and the neck is a nice C profile, not as thin as most.
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    Charlie Starr-Wowed by a 1959 Gibson Les Paul "Burst": Vault Sessions (S3:Ep9)

    Thanks for sharing, I'm a fan of Charlie. I really like his ugly-a$$ Jr. tone.
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    Walnut SG

    I like it :) I did an LP body with black walnut and also found some hidden surprise holes. that's gonna look nice.

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