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    Low-end (frequency) vintage wah pedals heel-down position

    Hello there. I have noticed that most modern wahs made by Dunlop have a very low frequency when in the dark or "open" position (i.e. heel-down). If you look at my table, you'll notice that most live in the 300 Hz region. Some go even lower than 300 Hz. The Buddy Guy wah goes as low as 250 Hz...
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    Anyone else dislike wah pedals?

    Was it an Italian Jen? Those are fantastic. The earlier ones are smoother and the later ones are a bit more aggressive but both are simply great. Mine is one of the later ones and it sounds delightful. This is an excellent repro that sounds virtually identical, sadly no longer available...
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    Post your no-frills, affordable and still cool sub $500 pedalboard.

    Keep those beauties coming!
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    Post your no-frills, affordable and still cool sub $500 pedalboard.

    Criteria to qualify: - At least 3 pedals - A pedalboard that you actually use - Budget $/ £ 500 max (must include power supply and board) based on what you paid. This is mine: Signal path: 1 GE Fuzz Face Clone 2 Joyo EQ (great pedal) 3 Crybaby case w/ Roger Mayer Red Lion Wah circuit 4...
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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    I had to sell my LP some time back but I still feel part of this family. My main guitar now is a Strat.
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    That is hideous!
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    Not sure that I completely agree but the thing is many people overdo the relic thing. Shame because a nicely reliced guitar is something of a beauty in my experience.
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    Beatles Collection

    Very nice collection
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    RIP Ennio Morricone

    Very sad to hear about his passing. He was truly one-of-a-kind.
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    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    Mine is a very modified 2007 squier affinity telecaster. I really like it to be honest but there is not much left from stock.
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    I still miss my old Danelectro. It wasn't vintage , it was one of those very first reissues in the 90s but still it had lots of character. Mine was blue.
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    Help old les paul Fernandes Super Grade

    Those of Fernandes guitars from Japan are great
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    Why PRS Silver Sky guitars will never feel or play like a genuine Fender Strat

    Don't get me wrong, the Silver Sky guitar is brilliant. Sounds good, plays great, lots of attention to detail.... However, the length of string behind the nut will affect how the guitar feels as very well explained in this video. Have a look at both headstocks: Apart from the low E, all the...

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