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    Black/Dark-green 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard

    Nice! A buddy of mine had an early SGLP custom that was original black, back in the early 70's. I see no indication that this is not genuine.
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    What if some of the famous bursts had the "mapleflame mod" done?

    Obviously it's absurd to pretend to really quantify the contributions of parts to tone, but when I restored my '58 (unfortunately when I got it it was not completely original), when I changed out the later stop bar for an original I found, the change in tone was spectacular, very much more...
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    Help needed '62 SG

    Looks pretty good to me, all relative to the price of course. It's not pristine, price should reflect that. But if it plays good and the price is alright...
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    5 Pauls on the wall

    Nice stash, but I'm buzzed with the Ace straps, too... :laugh2:
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    Beautiful '58 burst for sale: video inside !!!

    This is a pic of the inlays on my '58- it was actually sanded down (:mad2:) during a refret many years ago, sanding doesn't make them lighter (of course), if anything makes them darker as the rosewood can show through the more transparent portions of the plastic more. Late 50's inlays often...
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    Double Whites ?!?!?!

    Some very rare reverse zebras from a '60 (I believe) es345- these pickups are now in my '58 (which I got without paf's originally).
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    Some "new" photos of 0 0285 Alberta

    Ideal color, to my eye- :thumb:
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    So I sent a broken 59 TV Model over to BCR Greg......

    I gotta say, that wood-rasp technique on the headstock, (I guess added relicing?) goes to a whole 'nother level... :laugh2:
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    Vintage all original 61 LesPaul SG.

    Apparently for a brief period when non-metal saddles were introduced, the saddles were actually bone. Then they went to nylon.
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    One Piece Top On A 1956 GT

    I once (in the 70's) owned a 56 with a one piece top, it was highly flamed right across the wood, was a great player-
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    One ultimate or multiple killer guitars?

    Guess it gets down to $- By all means go for an ultimate, then if you can afford another, or many... :)
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    Control Cavity Chew Marks - Burst vs Max Vol. II

    Looks to me they're from the chuck of the drill press drilling the control holes, in that case they're drilled from the back (?)
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    late 61/ early 62 SG

    My '62 also has a smooth heel/body transition. I've owned a few like that, IMO my favorite era for these-
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    Burst Videobase

    Very nice!
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    Does anyone recognize this LP?

    Dunno about the finish, I've never seen another like it myself. Could have been an early Gibson experiment, or custom order I suppose. It was a metallic-sparkley finish exactly like a gold top, only red. Not oversprayed, somehow with a fairly strong red tint in the sparkly stuff. Had p-90's...

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