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    NGD 2003 R0 Stinger Brazilian fret board

    Your pictures are particularly interesting to me, the certificate shows the headstock of my MM R8. I was told at the time, that the picture on the certificate was from my guitar, but yours is the first picture I have seen that proves it. Nice guitar by the way. :dude:
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    50th Anniv. 59 Reissue, #1 of 500

    What a small world. I bought it new, from the States (I'm in the UK) from an online dealer, but I can't remember which one. I pretty sure they had 9 4001 as well, so it probably was the same place. Here's a picture of it from the site.
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    GIBSON ES-Show em off.....

    Please excuse the incredibly crappy photo, but this is my ES-335 '59 Historic
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    50th Anniv. 59 Reissue, #1 of 500

    Yeah, it is nice. It's 2004. I was trying to get a 2003 Stinger from Music Machine, but the last one sold from under my feet. So I saw this one, and I thought I'd take a chance, turned out to be a really nice piece of kit. So, does anyone know of a 9 9000, and is it a 50th.
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    50th Anniv. 59 Reissue, #1 of 500

    All very valid points, but the reason I ask, is because I have 9 4000
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    50th Anniv. 59 Reissue, #1 of 500

    A bit pedantic I know, but wouldn't the first number be 9 9000 :hmm:

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