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    NGD R8

    she's BEAUTIFUL you did very well congrats
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    Pelham Blue Studio Trim Color: Black or Cream?

    The black looks good to me
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    Hahahaha I have my ebony custom named Arleta and you and I are in the same boat wife wise hahahaha
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    I like the purple it really makes your guitar stand out
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    Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO-III Plus

    I have a 2019 and I like it nice guitar my only wish is that it was a rosewood fretboard instead of Indian Laural because Laural is to dry
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    I have to say the New 2020 Epiphone Les Paul's are a major step up I own the Custom ebony tuxedo and it's my go to guitar
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    Advice on an inexpensive SS amp please!

    I had the DSP FM 25 and as far as I am concerned it was a piece of junk nothing but a feedback machine lol
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    I never realized that there would be fakery with any name brand guitar maker and I don't think I'm that dumb Thank you for the bringing it to light
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    These two are my favorites
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    Take your time with your project and after awhile with practice you can move up to something like these
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    2020 Les Paul Custom Pro or Standard 1959

    I have 2 custom's exact same colors my silver burst is an 08 and my ebony is a 20 Love em both

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