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    Thinking I want an Epi LPC

    I'm seeing a lot of affirmation here... hahaha!!!!!!! So basically, no one has noticed any real issues or shortcomings with their ELPCs as compared to a GLPC? That's good. I mean, I know there are differences between the two, but like I said, I've owned my fair share of Epis (and still have...
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    Minuscule Differences in Necks are Super Noticeable?

    I've found that neck feel is *always* (not almost always... but always) dependent on the shoulders. I can almost guarantee what the OP is noticing is the shoulders not that minor .01-.02" difference. My R8 measures .888 at the 1st fret. My R9 measures .890. The R8 has more shoulder and feels...
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    Thoughts on Mineral Streaks

    I love me some mineral streaks!
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    Thinking I want an Epi LPC

    Wowzers! Especially sweet with that Bigsby!
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    Thinking I want an Epi LPC

    Is that a Joe Bonamassa model? Stunning!
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    Thinking I want an Epi LPC

    Have been hankering for a Gibson LPC in the classic Ebony finish to go along with my 2010 LPC Silverburst (also Gibson) for quite a while now, but just having a hard time justifying the cost and pulling the trigger... this time... for some reason! I have 4 LPs currently, all Gibsons, so I...
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    NGD. Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom

    I almost bought one of these! Really liked the neck and finish and yellowed binding! Super cool! Congrats and HNGD!
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    Hello and welcome. Looks like you will fit in just fine around here! :cheers: Your LPC in particular is delish!:) 68RI?
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    @kingfredward I dig it! :cheers:
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    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

    Cannot argue with any of this… well, except maybe the poker chip, but that’s a minor sin! ;) BKP Mules are awesome!
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    NGD: G0 content

    Killer burst paint job. Congrats and HNGD!
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    Top I picked for a custom order ML UL Aged R9 - can't wait

    You have the patience of Job! ;)
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    Factory Jumbo Frets on a Les Paul? Are they putting any on at the factory?

    Depends on how you define medium jumbo, I guess. My 2016 Trad was advertised as having “medium jumbo”... but frankly they’ve never felt very jumbo to me... medium or otherwise. My 2021 R9 (and 3 other R8s I’ve had from the 2014-2016 model years) have more what would seem medium jumbo to me...
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    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Yeah, I don’t judge them for what they are playing… but I absolutely notice… every-single-time! :)
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    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Ha! I must have missed that! Good riddance. ;)

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