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    Opinions please about this 2016 Traditional

    That’s a great price. Knobs take 10 seconds to swap and those top hats look better than the speed knobs it originally came with anyway. I’d jump on it if it played well and had a nice neck. My 2016 Trad is fantastic!
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    R9 2018 Case - Grey Padding

    See below. (They weren‘t glued in My 2018 R8 case, btw.)
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    Delete please

    Congrats and HNGD! Mules are killer pups!
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    R9 2018 Case - Grey Padding

    It’s just there for reinforcement during shipping, not intended to be left in the case once received by the customer/owner. That said, while I doubt (but am not 100% sure) that it would harm the finish to leave in permanently, I personally wouldn’t risk it. The RI cases are designed the way...
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    NGD: My Magnum Opus

    You are a madman... and a genius! I love it!!!!! :rofl::cool2:
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    My 2018 R8 is 8.69lbs (with covered Brandonwound ‘59 Clone PAFs, a ThroBak wiring harness, and Faber locking tailpiece studs & spacers). IIRC it was 8.80lbs when new and bone stock.
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    Make the case for owning a reissue

    Because it‘s the closest 99.9% of us will ever get to owning a real Burst. So if you’re into Bursts (love learning the details about them and their history, have BOTB and other books, and just generally would buy a real one if you could even remotely afford it) then this is the best ticket in...
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    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    That gap is a bit excessive. Might not be a deal breaker for me if I bought the guitar, loved how the guitar sounded/played, and then noticed it. But if I was in a store looking for an R8 and that was hanging on the wall and I saw that gap, I probably wouldn’t even bother to pick it up and...
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    Fretboard crack or wood?

    It’s fine, just rosewood grain.
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    2019 50s Standard NGD

    Congrats and hngd!
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    Checking out a 2015 R8... two saddles seem to be on backwards?

    I get what you’re saying. And note I didn’t say it was a bad deal... just a couple hundred bucks over what I would consider a “good deal”... for an online purchase.
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    NGD: Special run 1958/59 Gibson Historic Reissue R8 Les Paul

    Wow! And, wow! Congrats! And HNGD!!!
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    Checking out a 2015 R8... two saddles seem to be on backwards?

    +1 @Tim Plains $3150 is not a “good deal” for this guitar. It’s not a “bad deal” per se... but it is $200-$300 off from a good deal. If it was a guitar I could see and play in person and it just “spoke to me“ and was a great playing and sounding guitar, then I’d be willing to pay a bit extra...
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    Checking out a 2015 R8... two saddles seem to be on backwards?

    Normal. No worries. And if it bothers you easy to flip back around (as long as you have a spare 10 seconds on your next string change ;)). And you say it’s a 2015 R8? 2015 was a weird year, for that money you’ll want to be sure it’s not a CS8 (as those had shorter tenons and were not really...

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