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    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    at the 7:06 mark is the tone roled down?a little darkish for a neck pup
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    NGD| 69' Goldtop

    great great instrument. congrats! I have a late 69 with throbaks nos wire. those late 60's are awesome pieces!
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    NAD Mesa Boogie Mark I RI

    thanks op :) just had to bump this old guy up with my experience with the mark 1 reissue. Really hearing lots of classic tones through this amp and got me thinking, since I am a marshall guy, that not all classic 70's recording were made with the immediate suspects (fenders and marshalls).
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    NAD Mesa Boogie Mark I RI

    got the mark 1 reissue couple months ago and took it out jamming with a loud band. The tone is superior on this amp. Just good old classic hard rock/heavy blues tone. The trannies are the same size wise as the old boogie's. You can get tweed cleans out of it with. The overdrive is very unique...
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    Vintage PAFs - Review and Sound Clip

    sounds excellent clear and fat with sizzle on top specially that bridge pup. what guitar and amp ?
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    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    maybe you should get a 59 burst to go along with the epi :)
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    Are ThroBaks Worth It Really

    can't stress enough my love for the throbaks vs the real deal in the same guitar. lots of switching back and forth and the throbaks delivers big time.
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    '58, '59, '60 Bursts and R9 Comparison

    liked the 2008 the least.... thinner and colder than the oldies. thanks for sharing
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    Bursts at CME

    I would like to add sandy!
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    LP Deluxe in Fender Shell Pink ...

    I like it! and the tone and playing as well.. very tasteful!
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    Bursts at CME

    great video!! thanks
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    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    seen it and enjoyed it. made that epi amp sound wonderful.
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    New Member, New 60th Anniversary '59

    Very nice indeed! Welcome!
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    New Switchcraft toggle keeps popping back to the middle position. Did I get a dud?

    send a photo of the other side of the switch. sometimes the screw is loose because the washer doesn't hold it from coming out.
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    1959 Blackburst

    looks like he's plugged into a marshall jmp but somehow it sounds like an over driven fender.