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    1969 routed deluxe

    by the logo ,no made in usa stamp and the serial it looks like a transitional model as in very late 69 model...very early 1970. same guitars as a late series 69 deluxe.
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    Ron Ellis or gil yaron pickups

    I only had experience with gil yaron's pickups on an old les paul and I do remember them to be very special...had a very clear dominant tone , bright in a good way, also articulate with lots of nuances.
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    Possible fake 1960 Les Paul Special for sale in the UK

    well done guys . now the only issue is the price. its too high for a reissue with a broken neck
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    awesome thanks.. since I have been loving you is played with a 59 les paul? sounds fenderish but in a nice way :)
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    Antiquity 2x neck pickups

    usually the bridge has higher impendence which means darker tone...putting a neck pup which has low impendence means a more trebly tone.
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    do gibson still have 'old wood' stashed?

    yep but I guess late 60's gibsons qualify as having old Honduran mahogany by now. 50 years have passed and the wood used must have had some age when used back in the late 60's.;)
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    NGD: 2018 R9 in "Red Pine Burst"

    one of the prettiest ones lately. congrats
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    Latest ‘53/‘59 Conversion Surprise Uber Flame!

    I know this is true for a fact. i was skeptic like most of us until I had this one chance and tried something most of us never get a chance to do...I put a mini humbucker on a friend's 53 les paul which was on another guitar that I know its tone very very well (solder joints were unoriginal to...
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    Choosing the right PAF clones for my Les Paul's character... MISSION COMPLETED, I GUESS!

    this I changed the magnet on my lolar imperial high wound to an A2 degaussed magnet and it changed the character of tone to my liking.
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    yeah I tend to agree specially on the player - amp chain...its just that it seems that light historics, sometimes too light ,are becoming too fashionable and predicted while back in the day the weight thing was a thing of chance depending from which tree and where the wood was cut from...
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    no historics over 9 pounds? seems odd since a lot of 50's les paul weighted more than 9 pounds
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    NGD-Randy Rhoads 74 Custom VOS

    what year is that beauty? is it a pancake body? spectacular guitar congrats
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    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    I don't really think so . although I liked his lengthy post and read every word it is still his truth . some people's truth is the other way around spending thousands of dollar worth of modern day guitars only to find out that the old ones (or a particular old one) have that something he's...
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    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    "It was kind of a shitty realization knowing that I'd wasted all that time and money chasing something that I ultimately found in my own back yard and at a fraction of the cost of my previous instruments... but that was also a great feeling, because I was then officially done with LP's- I have...
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    Is there a way to change magnets on a potted pickup...

    I have done it on a lollar paf . no problem

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