very sweet... never mind Vasco, the old scouser has a case of banjocasteritis

psst.. truth be told, i play my Strat much more than my Lester

i think of my Strat as the "wife" and the Lester as my "mistress"
Vasco is Vasco,,I like the moaning git..My first guitar was a Strat copy so I feel quite at home on them..I love some Teles too..If Vasco wants to limit himself that is up to him..
key word "limit"

too much dichotomous thinking

why fuck one when you can fuck 'em all?

thinking about another Tele

when i was 16 i bought a brand new blond '68 Tele -
traded it for a '59 Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway with P-90s

many Goat Moons later, had a '52 Fender Tele reissue (butterscotch of course) -
great guitar with the treble rolled a tad

yeah, JV is alright by me, actually, i like him very much the old "moaning git"

have any sounds posted anywhere? used to play in a band?
I'm getting my cousin to show me how to put music on net when he has time.My cousin is really busy.Has his own company that makes video games,,so I don't get to see him much,,he plays guitar too.I'm really new to computers..

I have played in a few bands,,none that got anywhere commercially..Once I know how to do it, I will post some clips of me playing..I aint no virtuoso mind,,but I can play..
"i can play" is enough for me – something to look forward to

what do you prefer to be called?
My real name is Kev,,but I'm starting to enjoy my new Goatbreath name,,I never thought
of it as a stage name but it kind of sums me up quite well.An ex Punk rocker,25 years ago but it sums up my roots.

It was actually the first name I thought of for a Hifi forum,everybody had names relating to expensive pieces of equipment etc..It was all very serious..Goatbreath was the least offensive sounding option..I thought some of their names were really pompous sounding..

So if you mean what to call me..Kev Goatbreath,Goaty,Goatse,Goat,G.B. etc,,all are fine.
thank you for the choice, Kev...
i like, "KGB" - just joking, but i would if i could
so my second choice would be, "Goat" based on your punk roots
"Goat" has a kind of in yer' face, fuck off vibe to it
with the consenants pronounced harshly...
your call: "KGB" or "Goat"

didn't i comment on you Hifi equipment a long time ago,
as well as mention seeing a copy of "Kind of Blue" in the photo?


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