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  1. bulletproof
    bulletproof Classicplayer
    Thank you again for the kind words,brother!!!
  2. Adamc
    Adamc filtersweep
    Hi because of you post about the guitar floss. I got some and was wondering if you could explain how to use it on the nut. I mean do you saw back and forth, or just on the sides of the slots. I just dont want to ,mess anything up. Thanks in advance
  3. captcoolaid
  4. dave b
    dave b
    Gettin' too old fer this shit
  5. Sharp
    Sharp axisbal13
    Hi, is that silver LP a custom? Does it have the winding tuners and no holes bridge? The reason I ask is because I have an '82 custom in pearl sparkle and have tried to find out the other colour options available that year.
  6. helltone
    Suicide is painless
  7. 46&TWO
    I would only be interested in guitar trades. I'm going digital on the amplification side.
  8. Sixstring63
    Sixstring63 46&TWO
    What would you be interested in a trade towards the PRS McCarty Korina? I have a bunch of quality guitars and amps I might be interested in trading. I have a '97 McCarty P-90's that I like the feel of a lot. My Les Paul's are getting a bit heavy as I get older.
  9. goodvibes
    goodvibes RAG7890
    Rudy, did you happen to see Freebyrd69's post In "Buying guitars online"? Isn't he the A-hole that sold you that Cherry Stinger and neglected to disclose the fret wear? He is talking shit WRT the OP on this thread and I'm tempted to drop in on his post and give him a bit of his.own medicine! I thought you might want to have that opportunity though.
    1. RAG7890
      PM'd you Keith. It was not FB69, it was SkyDog69 who is in Toronto.

      Cheers, Rudi
      May 21, 2018 at 10:27 PM
  10. hoss
    klingt wie eine bezahlte Gibson Einschaltung, ist doch verkauft und steht leer? oder betrifft das doch nur das Gebäude mit dem Showroom?
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  11. paruwi
  12. Guitar-o-holic
  13. Max250777
    Finding Gibson SG Custom 1970s
  14. homenote
  15. frontline205
    frontline205 TheZ
    Just writing cause I saw you did a final bump
  16. frontline205
    frontline205 TheZ
    Hey was looking at your invader will probably have the cash in a week
  17. Pigtail Steve
    Pigtail Steve
    Carrying out the work of a meticulous manufacturer/guitarist!
  18. Chakalawaka
    "It is called a Camberwell Carrot."
  19. homenote
    A little background FACE BOOK: #WANTTOBEAROCKSTAR #ROCKSTAR185 Jeffery lLee STARnes
  20. homenote
    homenote Roxy13
    Hey there sweets, like yer Avatar. Picture perfect.

    1. Roxy13
      Thanks so much!
      May 17, 2018
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