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  1. Stinky Kitty
    Stinky Kitty
    Ha! It's not a very crowded path..
  2. DarrellV
    DarrellV Stinky Kitty
    Someone asked me once, if I thought an escaped mental patient would take the road or the bike trail to get through the woods. I replied neither..... They would take the psychopath!


    from a fellow traveler....
  3. Thermionik
    Thermionik Mindfrigg
    Agree with mods, you get slack cut, hold a different pov,they dog your every post. Poke 'em with sticks, cop the occasional ban. We went hard on the burger thread, mocked innumerable religions, they tolerated it - you are blessed with Mithrandir-like invincibility... I list the pastas available to pastafarians and got a two week ban. Post what you want, get banned, come back, toy with them some more.
  4. Mindfrigg
    Yep. Just a little tired of getting the finger wagging for witty responses mocking the mockers. Who avoid the finger wagging somehow. ?!
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  5. DarrellV
    DarrellV Z2112
    The box says 'write something'


    1. Z2112
      That something means nothing at all
      Jan 21, 2018 at 9:21 PM
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    2. DarrellV
      Someday, that something might mean something to somebody who has nothing....LOL!
      Jan 21, 2018 at 11:32 PM
  6. Jessenoah
    Jessenoah DADGAD
    YOU have a burny doubleneck?
  7. muzdog
    muzdog treyrab
    Hello there - I know this is a way old post but did you ever sell the harness you had offered back in Sept? I have a little project on the go and need a set. Thanks!
  8. Thermionik
    Thermionik Mindfrigg
    You've been "gone" nine days, man...
    ...folk are beginning to talk. ? You OK ?
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  9. donsimpson12
  10. SaxmansLesPaul
  11. Side Burns
    Side Burns Dolebludger
    Hey Dole,

    I dont know if you saw my post on the thread about pop up ads but ive been using the app Norton Ad Blocker and it seems to do the trick on solving all of the You Won ads. I figured I'd let you know.
  12. Sega
  13. jojo
    Play fucking Loud
  14. joens
    joens pinefd
    Hi, I am also interested in one of your stamp kits. Please send details on how I go about getting one.

    Thanks, Joens
  15. swampblues
  16. Plexi70
  17. Plexi70
  18. timgman
    timgman slash@roses
    I have a superb belair man!
  19. gtrmaker
    gtrmaker pinefd
    Hi, I am interested in one of your stamp kits. Please send details on how I go about getting one.

  20. BA-CHEE
    BA-CHEE Hydrasports205
    Please check my posting in the Vintage SG FORUM, for full disclosure and pictures, Thank You.