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Really Wanting To Pull The Trigger On A Bourbon Burst 60's

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If anybody remembers back in the wild west days of MLP I stated many times loudly that I would NEVER buy a new Gibson while Hank was at the helm.

NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

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Not sure how many of these will be made, but this looked gorgeous. Nice flame. Makes me think of the Duke burst.

NGD - Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959

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Southern Fade finish. Peek a Boo squiggly flame. 8.0oz (7lbs 14oz without pickguard and medallion). Rings like a bell. Monster Vintage Mojo!

Dog Ear vs Soap Bar P-90

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Dog Ear vs Soap Bar refers to the cover over the P-90.

Uncirculated 1959 Burst - 9 0922

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Almost a Plaintop. With some Blister. Enjoy the pics.

Great Bands You Only Got to See Once Before They Broke Up.

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What bands have you seen live that are no longer around, or that basically aren't?

Verdict on the Un-Potted Custom Buckers in the New R8's and R9's?

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I haven't played either, and inter web forums are 50/50 that they are either harsh and microphonic, or offer an enhanced "open" and midrangy tone.

Let's See Your Top Carves!

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Got any pics of your babies and their carved tops? I think that's the sexiest part of an LP.

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