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1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

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Here's my new gem with photos below that leave little to the imagination: 2018 1960 Les Paul with a Brazilian Fretboard.

Reverb Bought Out By Etsy

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Earlier today, we announced that we signed an agreement to be acquired by Etsy. We expect the acquisition to close in the coming months. When it does, Reverb will remain a standalone business, but will have the added support of Etsy.

Lifton Case And Cracked Tuner Knob

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Looking at the headstock area, I see a cracked D string tuner knob. Ok these don’t usually bother me as it’s functionally perfect but man, I’m afraid too much pressure was put on the headstock.

Celestion Alnico Speaker Shootout: The Ruby, Cream, and Gold - Gain and Clean Videos

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I just finished doing a shootout on 3 of the Alnico speakers from Celestion. I did two videos one using a Magnatone Super Fifteen for the Gain side of things and a Fender Blues Jr III for the clean side.

1955 Les Paul Jnr Resto-Mod

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I bought a completely FUBAR vintage ‘55 Jnr husk for no more reason than it was old and fell into my lap, but it was so trashed I didn’t really know what to do with it as far as a straight restoration.

Original Burst 1959 Les Paul Standard - New ‘Jimmy Plays’ Video

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A few weeks ago I had the absolute dream come true of being lent an original burst for a video shoot with my band! It was a fantastic experience and it gave me great insight into these amazing guitars.

LP Standard Negative Comments

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I show up to and they start asking about my guitar. I tell them it's a Gibson Les Paul Standard and It's a lefty. The reaction I got I didn't expect.

Most Desirable Runs of Historic R9 Les Pauls

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The lovefest for the 60th Anniversary run of Historic R9s got me thinking about some previous runs that were widely regarded as special, significant or... well... historic.

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