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NGD - Les Paul Custom w/ Floyd Rose of my 1980s Loving Dreams

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I have been watching this guitar on Reverb for months but it was priced really high. The seller just dropped it $2000 so it was more realistically priced and I jumped on it.

This is a dream guitar for me. I play 80s hair band songs in a cover band so the fact that it is pink and has a Floyd Rose perfectly align with that genre.

Playing standing for hours with a heavy Les Paul is not ideal but I sure do love Les Pauls. This one is a Lite so it has a thinner body and a tummy cut making it much lighter than my other regular Les Pauls.

1989 Les Paul Custom Lite in Sunrise Metallic with a Floyd Rose.


2022 1957 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty RI VOS

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Took the leap and bought a VOS 57 RI Black Beauty (2 pickup) yesterday (on my 55th birthday) from Melody Music in Bloomington, IN (back in June my wife and I moved to Southern Indiana about 1.5 hours from Bloomington). Cool shop, killer selection, and great staff that were very easy going and let me noodle to my heart's content over the course of 2 days before pulling the trigger.

Does @MichaelAndrew3435 have a Problem?

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You be the judge....

Plain tops need love too

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2015 R8 TH in all her glory

Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

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These are the first '58-spec models from the very first run by Gibson's first authorized boutique builder.

Gibson Loses Its Firebird Guitar Body Shape Trademark in The EU

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After Gibson lost its appeal against the loss of its trademark on the Flying V guitar body shape in the European Union in June, it’s lost another trademark with the Firebird body shape.

Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

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Some great burst playing and great commentary from Barry Cadogan. Enjoy.

"Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

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Original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard 9-1228 "Sandy" being played at a guitar shop in Taiwan.

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