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60th Anniversary V1 Les Paul

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Picked this up late last week, a NOS 2020 v1 60th anniversary. It was a phenomenal deal that was too good to pass up. I just loved the color (deep cherry) and the top which has a vintage vibe, it sucked me in immediately.

How to Spot a Fake Gibson Les Paul

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For anyone who's on the lookout for a good deal on a Gibson Les Paul, this guide will help you identify potential fakes out there.

Finally, 2021 Les Paul R9

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A 2021 R9 in what I think is dirty lemon, I’m waiting on Gibson to confirm this for me. As soon as I played it, it was one of those ‘I must have this’ moments...

Let's See Your Beautiful Finish Checking

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Not all of us might agree, but I find guitars with finishing checking (both heavy and light, natural or hand done) can be extremely beautiful...

Les Paul Traditional Black Beauty

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Shows some signs of love from the previous owner but the tone is just glorious. This one is only 8.5 lbs despite being non-chambered and has a fat 50s neck to die for...

2022 Les Paul Standard Faded 50s

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The 2022 Standard Faded series haven't been on my radar because I enjoy a gloss finish, and also I really hadn't seen any pictures that captured me. But this particular 50's Standard...

Les Paul Copies: Are They Better Than Gibsons?

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Is a Gibson Les Paul worth the investment? We dive into the world of Les Paul copies and compare quality, sound, and affordability...

50's Standard AAA Iced Tea

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It's been an awesome ride, and I still love doing research and learning about all the different finishes. I got a bit burned-out the last few months as I've found them...