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Let's See Your 1996 Historic R0

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1996 was the year of the "Tangerine Dream." If you own(ed) one, let's see it. Here's mine...

2010 R8 Plain top

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I stumbled over this one. I just couldnt resist it when I saw it, the top have a different thing going on. To me, its just awesome...

Best and Worst Years for Gibson Les Paul

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Are you in the market for a Gibson Les Paul but don't know where to start? With so many years and models to choose from, it can be...

Monster Top 2013 R9 - Let's See More From 2013!

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I owned this one years ago and regretfully sold it to purchase a vintage guitar. Luckily it boomeranged back into the collection...

2014 1959 Gibson Les Paul

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I got this 2014 Gibson Les Paul today. I've had others from 2014 and they all seemed to be spectacular. Pickups are stock and very articulate...

2023 Gibson CS ‘57 Les Paul Goldtop

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A guy I know once said, gold ones sound better. I actually got it in a couple of days ago and wanted to let the “new guitar day” vibe wear off first...

Vintage Les Paul Expert Lou Gatanas Interview

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  • 44

Uncle Lou Gatanas from NYC, a vintage Les Paul expert who has a deep appreciation for vintage guitars, shares his knowledge and advice on what to look out for when buying a vintage Gibson Les Paul in our interview

2022 Les Paul Slash Standard Vermillion

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Absolutely love this one! So It’s a 2022 Les Paul Slash Standard Vermillion. Fell in love with the bigger neck, this example have a slightly bigger neck than...

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