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Create a Les Paul Guitar with Midjourney AI

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Midjourney is this amazing artificial intelligence (AI) tool for creating images with nothing more than a text prompt from you. You can create a Les Paul guitar...

Win an Epiphone Les Paul Studio! 2022 MLP Giveaway!

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epiphone-smokehouse-burst-jpg.654808 is holding a giveaway to reward our supporting members. To enter simply purchase a...

Let’s See Those Lemons!

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Who else loves a good lemon burst? I posted a pick of this one when I picked her up from Wildwood a month or so ago, and has quickly become one of my all time favorites - let’s see some lemon love and post some pics of yours!

2016 Custom Shop 1960 Reissue G0

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2016 Custom Shop 1960 Reissue G0.jpeg

I’ve finally gotten around to posting this as I’ve had the guitar since early July. A little background on how I came to buy this.

2013 Les Paul R9

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Did some trading with a friend of mine for this 2013 R9. Nice but fairly subtle top, nice back, typical weight for a CS (8.8ish).

Murphy Lab Les Paul Owners

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I think it'd be nice to see a thread that hopefully bypasses the Murphy Lab bashing and is a place for owners and prospective owners to discuss these guitars, their impressions, thoughts, photo's etc.

2021 Les Paul R9 Iced Tea

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Got this absolute stunner yesterday and spent all night playing it. It's a 2021 R9 in iced tea burst. The pictures, even the first pic below which is from the dealer, do not do the top justice. The top has so much movement and depth to it that a camera can't capture...

Les Paul Custom w/ Floyd Rose of my 1980s Loving Dreams

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I have been watching this guitar on Reverb for months but it was priced really high. The seller just dropped it $2000 so it was more realistically priced and I jumped on it...

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