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This Les Paul Special is a custom order with the up grade Grover tuners, the tone from the P-90s is somewhere between a Tele bridge pickup and a standard PAF style humbucker. Warning, the P-90’s will give you a little more hum than a Strat because the bobbin is wider, and shorter and also has a more powerful output, very beefy tone! There’s a bit more midrange than a standard Tele or Strat single coil. The overall tone is very well balanced and if you like the Keith Richards slightly overdriven tone it’s here in spades ! I was pleasantly surprised that is works well for jazz tones ! The neck profile is a perfect size for my hands, not too big not too small and the frets are slightly taller than some other Les Pauls I’ve played and are very comfortable to bend with no problem, no fretless wonder here :) This guitar is a great choice for classic rock, blues and slide styles. If you’ve never played a P-90 equipped guitar you owe it to yourself to do so and this one is the perfect version in my humble opinion, highly recommended !
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Been wanting to get one of these ever since I tried a few original 50s specials in Tokyo a few years back.
Gibson mad Mike
Gibson mad Mike
I had an 1960 double cutaway model which I was forced to sell due to a long period of unemployment during the recession in the early 1990's, I still lament having to sell that guitar, it had the best neck I have EVER played on any guitar of any age or brand.
Even unplugged the woods that guitar was made of would sing like it was heaven sent.
I don't think I could play a reissue like this without expecting it to be the same. Nice guitar though and a great review.
Chicago Matt
Great demo! I had a vintage double-cut in TV yellow 40 years ago, not sure of the exact year but it was made in the 50s. Due to the way the neck attached to the body, tuning was very unstable so I sold it back in the 80's (Gibson fixed that in later models, and I don't think the single cuts ever had that problem). Anyway, the SOUND of that guitar has haunted me ever since! This demo makes me remember why. Now I'm checking prices and scheming... :facepalm:

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