Zzyzx Snap Jacks

Discussion in 'Tonefreaks' started by zontar, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Dec 8, 2008
    I just got one of these cables, and it's nice.

    I had a couple of music sore gift cards from Christmas, and one of them wound up becoming a 15 ft Zzyzx cable.

    If you haven't seen them, the plugs are attached to the cable by magnets.

    The idea here is you can unhook the plug from the cable and switch guitars without making noise and having to shut everything down.
    You can change on the fly--to use a hockey analogy.

    Also if you or someone else trips on the cable, you don't yank over the amp or guitar-or wreck your jack--the cable separates from the plug.

    They sound great, feel durable, and you can even use the cable to make a kill switch type sound.

    I was playing around with this earlier tonight--now I have to go buy some spare plugs so I can have one in multiple guitars and switch between them, like they intended.

    Anyone else try these?

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