ZVEX Double Rock can doom

Discussion in 'Pedals' started by gaussgun, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Apr 22, 2014

    First of all I got to warn you - if you dont like doom content - please skip the demo, I`ll post something more traditional later. But I was really surprised that it can doom by itself.

    Everybody who likes to build complex distortion sound will be happy with it cuz it stacks pretty good with other dirt boxes in front of it. Also dont forget about different distortion sounds that it can do by itself in different positions of drive and boost or double drive and boost along with different sub, gain, tone and volume control. Available amount of volume of boost deserves little talk. Its huge, the biggest volume that I heard. The gain level of boost is pretty common for boost pedals, but cranked volume of it literally cranks preamp tubes of your amp. So you can turn your single channel amp into two channel-amp. Sub and tone controls are working only when you are using distortion mode. Sub just cuts off your lows , in the 3rd position you got maxed lows. I dig the distortion circuit very much its definitely not marshall in a box like it was said about box of rock. It is fat, punchy , focused and just beautiful. Acts good with clean or dirty amp.


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