Zebra??? Reverse Zebra?!?!??!

Discussion in 'The Custom Shop' started by tsuen, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Jun 13, 2008
    I, for one am glad you asked. I'm positive you are not the only one who wondered. At one time I wondered the same thing.

    Who first decided that the cream on the bridge should have the screws? I don't have a clue. Clearly once some one put the screws on the cream (or white or black) someone would want to be different so for the reverse the screws had to be on the opposite. Probably just someone's preference.

    Here is the bit of information I enjoy. For the reverse to exsist , there has to be a "forward". For the forward to exsist there must be a standard. The standard is screws toward the bridge and neck. The story of how that became "standard" is interesting.

    Seth Lover said in an interview: Seth Lover interview 1978 vintage gibson PAF humbucking humbucker pickups guitars

    "the coil forms are made from celluloid with a bar magnet underneath with iron pole pieces on each side, you see when I first designed this I had the cover plain on the original one...I wanted them to sell it without any adjusting screws because I found that with this there was much difference between the first and second strings like there is on most of the old non adjustable type there was quite a difference in the first & second string but this didn’t seem to have that major difference, and I thought it was not necessary to have pole pieces...well when you take away a talking point from a salesman it’s like breaking off your arm....the first thing I came up with an idea was just fake some things there so I stamped them on the cover, that didn’t please them either, by that time we already made the patent application...that’s why it went through that way, so they finally decided they wanted screws in there, so I put adjusting screws in it for them, then the question they asked me then was which way should those screws set? Should they set up or down? Well you’ve got to give them an answer.. so I decided to take the one closest to the fingerboard and put the screws facing it and the one closest to the bridge towards the bridge, laugh...that made them happy, they had a set way that it should be set, it only amounted to turning the pickup around... "

    So there you have it. Some things happen for a reason, some things happen so you can sell it. Seth Lover set the "standard" to get the sales people off his back.

    I won't even go into pole height or humbucker tone issues. That's another thread and another can of worms.:lol:
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Both my bridge and neck are the ulra rare cream and cream, ('59), so...can anyone guess which side the screws/poles are on??? ;-)
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    Er, the side that the slugs aren't
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    Zebra/reverse zebra, or vice versa, is my favorite pickup look. Hard to get in a set stock unless you're going custom wound though.

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