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Discussion in 'The Custom Shop' started by ubw, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Been listening to the John Mayall with Eric Clapton album a bit lately which got me thinking again about the killer tone of the Beano LP.

    Without commenting on the how good or otherwise the Beano LP that Gibson put out recently as I've never played one, has anyone modded their own LP to chase the tone or the look of the original Beano LP? If so, let's see some pics and let us know what you did.

    Also I thought I read somewhere previously that somebody claimed that the real Beano LP after it was stolen somehow found it's way into Page's hands and it's actually his Number 1 LP. I *stress* I may be off here as I only saw it in passing, but if anyone knows what I am referring please point me to a link to this so I can read about this.


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