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    Jul 22, 2012
    So here's a very weird thing...

    See that post just before this one about the Yamaha I lost, and the Yamaha I replaced it with?

    It was prompted by my realisation that I never actually play the sunburst one, because I just don't dig it as I once dug the red one. And so I thought, I wonder if a bit of asking around might lead me to a trade - hence the post.

    But in putting together that post, I needed a pic of a red SG-5A, so I Googled it. And eventually, having tried several combinations of keywords, I came up with the pic I used in the post - which I simply linked to, having 'displayed image' from Google.

    However, I've looked for pics of that model of guitar before, and that pic was a new one on me, so I went back a few hours later to see what site it appeared on. And it was the site of a guitar shop. A guitar shop about two miles from the pub from which my original red Yamaha was stolen thirty years ago.

    Yep, of course. Went up there at lunchtime today, and it was indeed the guitar I first bought in a pawnshop when I was eighteen. I recognise it, as one does with guitars, and the serial number confirms that I'm not romantically imagining it all. My longlost weirdass guitar evidently had a few adventures in the years we were apart. It's lost its original whammy-bar, and some arsehole has tried to paint in the bucklerash with nail polish. But I can live with it - because that's my first ever electric, right there.

    So I part-exed the sunburst, and walked out of a shop in North London with the same guitar that forty years ago I bought in South London.

    Nice story, huh? Feel free to shed a not-unmanly tear.
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    Mar 14, 2012
    I've heard stranger stories but yours is pretty damn cool. Now go make some music together.

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