Yamaha DXR10; Rolling Storage Case

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    Yamaha DXR10/DBR10 owners!
    (And, owners of other 10" Class FRFR Monitors)

    The High Sierra 30" Rolling Duffel with Oversize Skate Wheels, Multiple Grab Handles, and Sturdy Telescoping Handles works great to store, transport, and protect the Yamaha DXR10 Monitor! It has plenty of additional capacity for cables and more. Available in Green or Black. I bought two yesterday at Costco for $39.99/ea. They're $53.20 on Amazon. I almost bought the Gator Bags for my two DXR10 Monitors but the Gator Bags were higher priced, don't have a frame, handle, nor wheels, aren't useful for much else. The High Sierra is a great solution. It also works great for my Helix!

    With the DXR10, the bag is also able to hold my small footprint Allen & Heath ZED-10FX Mixer. It fits nicely at the far right end of the DXR10, so it is sitting on top of the speaker when the bag is standing vertically or rolling.

    Depending on how much you opt to pad/cushion the High Sierra's interior, it should accommodate the DXR12's 14.25" x 13 3/4" x 23 5/8" dimensions. In addition to the padded moving blanket, I cut 1" stryrofoam to fill the spacing between the extendable handle's metal tubes, and a 2" (double 1") stryofoam layer to provide a base for the bottom of the speaker when the case is standing vertically. The Case has a zipper accessible nylon covered interior base, so inserting the styrofoam is a cinch. The case has internal end pouches. One of which serves ideally as a base when the case is standing vertically. In that pouch, I also used double (2 x 1" Stryofoam) sheets.


    Lay in a Padded Moving Blanket (under $5 from Harbor Freight) and you're set!


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