Would this Windows laptop be a good choice for recording at home?

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Rocco Crocco, May 19, 2017.

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    Feb 8, 2013
    My current computer works well for recording, but is really starting to demonstrate bizzare behavior, so I will be replacing it. I need to keep it under a grand, preferably closer to $500.

    It is just me running Studio One 3 and EZ drummer 2. I use a Presonus Audiobox USB.

    I was looking at this... pretty sure it will work well. Any other good choices?


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  2. DarrellV

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    Nov 1, 2016
    More than enough!

    I run Studio one on an old T-60 Lenovo! LOL!

    The USB 3 ports are awesome provided your box has them. Will cut way down on latency!

    If it was me all non essentials including anti virus would come off and it wouldn't be used to surf.

    On my workstation downstairs I have even disabled all non usable services and removed unneeded programs.

    S1 is all it does!
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