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    Windy City Guitars Custom Shop has been customizing, refinishing, aging, and rebuilding electric guitars for over 20 years. What started as an interest in playing blues and rock guitar quickly evolved into an obsession with, and passion for, the instrument that so many have used to reshape music and inspire millions to express themselves musically.

    WCG’s largest area of expertise is with Gibson electric guitars and, specifically, turning standard factory stock guitars into custom works of art. We have added binding to run-of-the-mill Les Paul Studios, Explorers, and Flying V’s to transform them into custom instruments. Additionally, WCG has added flame-maple veneers and mixed custom colors to create truly one of a kind looks.

    Whether you want to restore your instrument to its original condition, completely transform it into something unique, or give it an authentic road-worn look, WCG will work with your custom specifications and deliver a beautiful guitar.


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