why 5 PU wires on molex connector 2012 std

Discussion in 'Tonefreaks' started by HIghAndDry, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Aug 29, 2010
    I can see in your pics, the smaller ones are Molex PicoBlade's and the larger one is a Molex Fit 3.0. The Epiphones use something in between. They don't appear to be Molex brand either. There are pictures in this thread were is was discussed.

    If you're wanting to sell your connectors, you might try putting them in the Classifieds.
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    Dec 4, 2011
    I can see the why the pre made ones are going for $25 a set on ebay
    2 Quick Connect Adapters Gibson Seymour Duncan DiMarzio etc Humbuckers Guitar | eBay
    Since it is so tedious and total pain in the ass to make these from scratch
    the guy is charging a lot for his labor, the parts cant cost more than $1 at the most,
    so the cost is pure labor. I personally would not want to even attempt to a a set! :laugh2:
    I still say that rather than mess with all of this, it is best to uninstall all of the modern wiring,put it away for safe keeping(possibly for a re-sell of the guitar)
    and get new pots,caps,switch and input jack.
    the initial cost is more than the $25 for those adapters but if you intend on swapping pu's often it is the best option.

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