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Discussion in 'Pedals' started by jdolecek70, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Oct 6, 2017
    I'm looking to purchase a multi-effects unit. I don't have any local stores so i'm limited to youtube video's and opinions of you fine people. I have pretty much limited ut to either the zoom g1on or the digitech element. I want to add some variation and versitility. I want to to be able to do allkinds of different stuff....do some eq on lead work and some chorus, delays to my solos. Get some good modulation to my ballads.....I also would also like to put on the clean channel on my amp and get some good,different type of distortions. I like to play rock and sometimes hard rock and metal....as you can see i just want to be able to do all kinds of different stuff with good quality....I have a big family and have to work 3 jobs so yea these are low cost items but its rare i have this money to spend so im trying to decide which is better for me...so which wold you get and why???

    Digtech Element or Zoom g1on?
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    Oct 21, 2011
    I'll go with the Zoom. I started with a Zoom 606 into a solid state amp, which was all I had for a number of years. Zoom was one of the first to come up with digital effects pedals, can't go wrong with them for the low-end stuff.

    And comparing price, you could probably get a Zoom g1Xon with expression pedal for less than the Digitech Element without expression pedal.

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