When the shadows become longer

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Hi everybody, summer is hot, Life is mad and we are... making music.

    I want to introduce you to Mora Amaro La Loba, a spanish singer/song-writer, poet and writer.
    I love her work (in spanish, english and french) because I find it very original, delicate and beautiful.
    Today I want to share this vid titled "When the shadows become longer".
    A nostalgic song with emotive lyrics that each time I listen to, makes me yearn the valleys she talks about.

    Here are the lyrics.

    When the shadows become longer

    "Talking to the moon behind the window
    while the Life sleeps
    and the ghosts dream covered by the quiet shadows
    of the lost valleys hidden in any corner,
    in any silence, and the loneliness chases
    all the steps that in the distance look for their way"

    I hope you will enjoy it! Be well :cheers:

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