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    Hello everybody!

    It's been awhile since I have posted a general update about the store, so I figured this would be a great time. Maybe I should of waited until after the NAMM show you say? Well, I think we have something even cooler in store after that. ;)

    But, as some of you know the guys at Eddie's and myself have been working on a new website for quite sometime. I wanna say it has been in the ball-park of a year or so since we first met with our developer, and granted... It has take substantially longer to get the website done than we originally planned, the website is probably 95% done at this point. The only thing really left is to tie up the loose ends here and there. IMHO, I believe this is going to be one of the best music-shop websites in the industry. I am very proud of everybody that has been involved in the process and I hope you guys enjoy it! It is absolutely better in every way than our old.

    Now, on to the fun stuff...
    In light of everything that has been going on with our website, we haven't exactly been focusing on making changes to the old. So, if you should be surfing around the old site in the meantime, unfortunately you will be missing out on some new lines that we carry. Like I said, we will be launching our new one in the very near future. But, for those that are interested to checkout our newly acquired lines... Feel free to click the links below!

    We are proud to announce that we are now authorized dealers for:
    K-Line Guitars
    Wampler Pedals
    JHS Pedals

    I have been incredibly impressed with the K-Line guitars. The "bang for the buck" value is incredibly high with Chris' builds. I would compare his guitars to the likes of Vinetto and Fender Custom Shop, although his pricing is much lower. Definitely a large step above practically every other "relic" guitar builder that I have played (and I have played a lot :laugh2: ). He is a super nice guy, and it is certainly cool working with a builder that is humble enough to deliver guitars to us personally!

    Wampler and JHS are quickly becoming big names in the boutique pedal world. Throughout the time that we have had those pedals, they have been very hot and in very high demand. I have a few personal favorites from those lines, but IMHO, every pedal I have played from either of those companies has been great.

    We also recently started receiving the new Maz amps from Dr.Z. These upgraded models feature new graphics, 4-8-16 ohm outs on all models, effects loops standard on all models, and last but far from least... The foot-switchable EQ-bypass-boost! Coming from somebody that was a fan of the old Maz series, but kind of felt like they left something to be desired, this is the kind of change that I wanted to see! It's almost as if this is a second channel. Tons of old-school British flavored over-drive on tap, as well as all the great tones you can already expect from Z.


    They also recently unveiled the new Maz.8 Studio. This has all the great things from its bigger brothers, but in a 'low volume ok' 8-watt package, powered by a single-EL84. If you need an excellent amplifier, but in a low-volume or studio situation, this is capable of putting out some serious tone.



    Last but not least...
    I know there have been a lot of guys on here (myself included) that are VERY excited about Orange bringing back the OR50 and the new OR15 that is coming up. I just got done going over our NAMM order with Eddie and I am pleased to announce that we have tons of both coming in. At this point in time, Orange has been telling us mid/late Spring when we will start receiving them. We also have a handful of the Jim Root Signature Terrors coming as well, which also are shaped up to be really cool. Before you think it will strictly be for "heavy" playing, you are wrong! It is basically the over-drive channel of a Rockerverb 100, sans-reverb of course.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering one of those, I can take a small deposit to ensure you get one of the first batch that come in. So far, I have one guy with cash down (thanks again jimmyohio! oh, and yeah, I stole that pic from your thread :) ) and I know he isn't the only one! Give me a shout, I would love to help.

    Eddie's Guitars - Welcome

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