USPS won't pay my insurance claim

Discussion in 'eBay Deals' started by surge98, Oct 24, 2016.

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    On anything of value, I would use Express Mail. Better tracking, and a signed-scanned receipt. You can also attach a certified mail postcard to the side to get a second signature, which the deliverer has to obtain before he hands the package to the receiver.
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    I ordered something a while ago and at 6am it was marked delivered. So at 7am when I went to work I stopped by the mail box and nothing. I came home at 430ish and there post the postman filling the boxes. He marked it delivered as soon as he got it in the truck
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    While you don't know me personally I had paid claims from both of those carriers. 2 times with FedEx and once with UPS, Not even the slightest problem.
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    as a seller i had someone claim they did not recieve a vintage skateboard, but his girl signed the receipt and so he expected me to pay him, all he said he recieved was an empty box.....i payed back the buyer and made the claim as lost in transit- it happens seller received empty box- any way i got my $350 back.

    good luck- no reason you and the buyer cant work this out
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    I've tracked packages to me and they said "delivered" but weren't.
    I suspect this works better at a small post office, but I went in person and asked for a supervisor. Don't bother asking a window person.
    Print the tracking information.
    The supervisor takes me back to his office and spins his computer monitor around and asks, "Is this your house?" It was a silhouette of my block from overhead (GPS/Google Earth?) It took a second for me to orient myself, but I recognized my lot shape, and answered, "No, that's my neighbors". I guess when the mailman marks his touchpad, it records the GPS location too.
    The supervisor said, "You'll have it in 2 hours"; and I did. He called the driver and sent him/her to get it and leave it for me.

    Good luck.
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    Jan 18, 2013

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    Since this topic is still generating replies, I should update this to say that I exhausted all my appeals and the USPS still wouldn't cover it. The best they could do is give me a delivery record which states that it was delivered as addressed, but provides no proof since the scanners in Miami are not yet GPS-equipped. My local post office was actually very helpful. I tried calling the buyer's local post office every day for a month, no one ever answered and there was no voicemail to leave a message.

    The weird thing is, I've tried to follow up with the buyer multiple times and he has not returned any messages. After our first few exchanges back in October, I've heard nothing back from him. I would normally associate this type of behavior with a scammer, but the guy has a near-perfect feedback rating with thousands of transactions. Not sure why he would suddenly decide to be dishonest.

    My best guess is that the package was lost or misdirected by the mailroom at his office, but he eventually got it and never notified me. Seems unlikely that most people would just forget about paying for but not receiving a $130 item. So unless I hear otherwise, I'm just going to assume that the situation resolved itself.
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    in my experience if it shows as delivered then it was delivered and YOU are off the hook.

    For all you know he is making stuff up.

    Used to be you could contact a few of the buyers former business partners and ask if they had a similar problem (ebay has "fixed" this problem I think).

    There might be a signature you can view.

    Tough call luckily it is only $130
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    Nov 23, 2012
    I rec'd an insured guitar shipped via UPS (not USPS like the OP) a few years back... crushed side, forklift hole in the box, and the case had a nice big forklift tine indent. Case was toast but the guitar was ok shockingly enough. UPS team... well they just delivered it like nothing had happened.

    Long story short, 2.5 months of pictures, calls and emails for the seller to get $150 bucks for the case on the 'insured' item.

    Given buyer not returning any messages... guessing it all got sorted.

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