Ultimate Attenuator Deal at Mark's Guitar Loft

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    (Arriving at Mark's Guitar Loft Next Week) The name of this product says it all, "The Ultimate Attenuator"! I have tried most of the attentuators out there and this one is by far the best!! I'm really excited to get these and to be able to offer them. And they go hand and hand with all of the vintage amps I sell. The amps truly keep all of their character and original tone with this attenuator. Which I can't say about any of the others I've tried. For anyone interested in one, I have a great introductory offer. An Ultimate Attenuator with all of the options for $549.00 which includes: 200w capacity($50.00), 100V regulated AC tap($50.00), Plexi switch($50.00), Bedroom switch($50.00), Variable line out($50.00). Taking orders now. Contact: mark@marksguitarloft.com
    Phone 603-868-9805

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