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Discussion in 'Pedals' started by rich85, Jan 17, 2018.

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    Sep 18, 2012
    Just posting these up for anyone that is still confused by all the bs surrounding different tubescreamer pedals.

    The Wampler pedals channel is fantastic at shooting down internet forum talk on all pedals


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    Feb 10, 2008
    I love Brian and his pedals but I don't always agree with him...this is one of those times. For me, a tubescreamer addict, there was a definite difference in high end and clarity between the 808 and the 9, with the 9 being the cleaner and brighter one. I've played a few of each. Both have the mid hump.

    As far as the Nutube thing, I'm not interested. Too much for what it is and the fact it's not boutique and I'm not into clean blends or tubes in a pedal.

    On a side note because Lee mentioned it, I HATE tubescreamers into a Marshall (or any British or Tweed amp) cranked up, to me it's way too warm and thick. I like bright, biting, and a bit more sizzle. The best pairing of an amp with a tubescreamer is a Blackface Fender, the 6L6 versions even moreso. And I like to run the tubesceeamer into a fairly clean amp, maybe edge of breakup but no real gain on the amp at all, more coming all from the pedal, but I am an OD pedal guy so I use all of my amps that way, I let the pedal provide the gain. I've just always liked that approach best. I'm probably the only guy in the world that likes a TS into a clean amp platform, but I do. It's actually become a big part of my own sound. It's not a Marshall+boost tone.

    Regardless, my favorite TS pedals aren't made by Ibanez. I like other designs where they've tweaked it somehow, by giving more tweaking options in terms of clipping and bass control. I like to have the bass less "nipped" by the pedal. For the price of the Nutube, I can get a really nice tweaked out TS with switches for changing parts in the pedal to get the exact sound I want. Which is usually more mids with bass to fix the Blackface Fender's EQ problem of being "smiley faced". It keeps that top end I like of a Fender, but adds some girth and crunch ala a Marshall. What I don't want is something like a Blues Driver, where it is sooooo bright. That pedal is probably better into a Tweed or Marshall or something that needs a serious lift in high end.

    But if I had to use an off the wall Ibanez, it'd have to be the TS-9. It's just a little bit more thinner of a tone to my ears and less muffled sounding. Then I'd send it off to be modified by someone. :p Probably Keeley if he still did mods. To me all Analogman does is make it like an 808 - what I DON'T want.
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    I've always been a fan of OD pedals that have both hi and low tone controls; makes it really easy to shape the sound.
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