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Discussion in 'Tonefreaks' started by d2_racing, Jan 4, 2015.

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    "I'll take famoush titties for 400...."
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    Yesh, a good piech of ash... I can just "see & hear" Sean Connery saying that!!!!!

    Getting back to the tone wood debate; wood matters, big time.
    Evidence #1. - I had a Les Paul Classic with an amazing AAA top years ago which looked terrific(!) the kind of guitar that every time I opened the case people went "whoa...!" but it just never sounded...right no matter what pickups I fitted to it, then I got another one, a custom Shop Reissue, moved the pickups literally from one to the other and the CS one sounded awesome.
    And here's evidence #2. - Few years ago I bought a '58 Reissue which was basically a 3 year old new guitar as the owner never actually played it, it still had all the tags and even that "new" smell but he desperately needed the money, and exactly one week later I took it to a gig at this club in London, England.
    Now, one of the members of the band invited this other guy to the show, a well known English luthier who also happens to "ghost build" guitars for a famous English player, and occasionally for his bass player too, and when I say "ghost build" I mean the whole thing as this luthier not only builds the guitars (and the basses) but he also winds his own pickups; he's not an idiot.
    Anyway, at the end of the show he comes right at me, all excited and very much an "in your face" kinda guy, introduces himself, then pointing to my Les Paul he says "wot's dat????" to which I politely reply, then he says (or shall I say "resolutely states") "in 6 months it'll break up", as in it'll bloom.
    I carry on with my life and kinda forget about all of this when, after few months of having played the guitar almost every day, suddenly I'm in a studio and go "wow, it sounds a little different, it sounds better"; and it did.
    Now I've had this guitar for 3 years and it has become my #1 Les Paul and I can confidently say that every year (shall I say every 6 months...?) it just goes up a notch in sound, depth & resonance, and now it has really turned into the perfect Les Paul, and I'm sure it's due to the fact that the right woods had been used in the first place, properly put together, and also by playing it constantly the vibrations have caused all the components to just harmonise with one another.
    Pickups & hardware are indeed part of the equation but let's not forget that good pickups only pick up the inherent sound of the guitar, that's why if a guitar sounds like crap acoustically it'll never sound killer whereas if when played acoustically sounds killer then even if you put crap pickups although it'll never sound awesome you can still hear that it's an awesome guitar.
    My guitars pay my bills, so I take these things very seriously, otherwise my bills would still need to be payed anyway...
    Also, I never really trust what I hear played on the web (YouTube etc. etc.) as the sound is totally different than when present in the room and also it can be easily doctored in order to prove one's point too. I'm not for a second implying that those YouTube guys did anything of that sort, but I cannot deny reality, and my own experience.
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    Well, that pretty much ends the debate!:lol:
    FWIW, I used to be a denier. After doing multiple neck swaps using different woods, I'm now a believer.
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    LOL. Now we can replace "beating a dead horse" with "beating a bald man"... :)

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