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    After a long time searching for what my ears wanted to hear I found it. I am lucky to have two Momose MLS1 STD guitars, both beautiful but their Beano pickups were not what I wanted so I started to search for that elusive tone. Found it in a set of Seth Lovers and this worked well in one of the Momose, so I thought I would try a set in the other Momose but it did not work. Amazingly two guitars built by the same company with the same specifications and they sounded so different. There was only one difference apart from being made 1 year apart, the weight. Momose #1 works with the Seth Lovers weighs 9lb 5oz and Momose #2 weighs 8lb 3oz. My Bacchus Classic also has Seth’s and they sound great, but again different from the Momose#1.

    I am a strummer so the neck pickup is key for me, I play it through a Marshall DSL 100 and ½ stack I also play through a Marshal JVM210 combi with a 2 x12 cabinet. Momose #2 has always been darker than Momose#1 so I tried a Seth Lover then a Classic 57 then a Classic 57+, I then tried a Pearly Gates and at each stage I tried to lower the pickup alter the pole heights, I even tried turning the pickups 180 degrees to get the pole pieces closer to the bridge to find that sound that I was looking for. Well I now believe that my ears have found what I was searching for, a SD SH2 Jazz neck pickup. Not many comments out there on these but it does sound good through either amp, so I am pleased to say my search is over.

    This tells me that the wood density/weight makes a noticeable difference and that finding the guitar that feels right and getting it to sound right are both big challenges, glad to know mine is over for now.
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    Expect a fight with the "its all in the pickups" guys!
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