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    I've enclosed a link to a very short Chris Brooks video where he just slams in to an A chord and then from there just jams for about 50 seconds. I'd like to come up with my own version of this.

    The problem is what to do after the A chord?

    I know I can jam on some pentatonic and minor scales, but I'd like to branch out a little from what I normally do and maybe on the first note I hit after that opening chord, start a different scale.

    I was thinking maybe starting on G sharp and playing some kind of scale starting on that and maybe resolving it to A later on?

    Or what mode could I include?

    Yngwie uses I think some kind of Phrygian but I need something more to go on. I know what scale tone that is derived from but after I play G# Phrygian then what?

    Can you give me some ideas preferably neo-classical ones with some good old fashioned minor pentatonics included?

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