The Official New England MLP Meet Info Thread SATURDAY APRIL 23RD

Discussion in 'MLP Meets' started by rocknhorse1, Mar 7, 2011.

Which day would you like the MLP meet to be?

  1. Sat. April 23rd from 4pm to 8pm or later

  2. Sun. April 24th from 12 noon to 4pm or later

  1. NSCS

    NSCS Premium Member

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    Nov 2, 2009

    Ya, I decided to bring my goofy stuff since the usually suspects where well represented.

    The one with the two 6x9s is my mash up of a 5e3 and an ac15. 5e3 input stage with the interactive vols into a cathode follower tone stack a la ac15/30, the 5e3 cathodyne pi into an ac15 el84 push pull pair. Something was funky when I had it cranked trying to keep up with rich and his phaze, kind of a fuzz that would have been cool if it had kept doing it instead of coming in and out. Don thought it was probably the poor little speakers, but since it was intermittent I'm not sure. Could be one of the vintage caps in the circuit.

    The little yamaha is gutted and filed with a tube circuit I designed around some tubes used for am radio demodulation or something. Pentode pre amp and push pull output for about 5 watts. Its got a weber blue pup ceramic speaker. I played that one a but with moldymealworm on his fayette and it sounded pretty cool.

    I must say again for effect that out was really great getting to crank those up, now that I'm living in an apartment and not having a group to jam with sinks!
  2. Tuya Customs

    Tuya Customs Senior Member

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Wow sure sounds col :thumb:
  3. nicolasrivera

    nicolasrivera Senior Member

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    Dec 3, 2008
    Incredible guys!!! i envy you all for such a great :dude::dude::applause::applause::applause::applause: jam!!!
  4. Yoooder

    Yoooder Senior Member

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    Nov 30, 2009
    man, I'm disappointed I overlooked this... granted I can't hold a flame to the playing I'm seeing, but looked like a great time (and some great gear)

    Hopefully there'll be a next time and I can put it on my radar, maybe bring a couple guys who can play along to make up for my lack of talent :)
  5. rocknhorse1

    rocknhorse1 Senior Member

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    Feb 22, 2010
    I posted threads in three different sections of the forum about it. The main one was in the Squawk Box. The info was out there, we had been planing it for 2 months. Sorry you missed it.

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