The Making of a Gibson Custom Guitar

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    Aug 18, 2017
    Yeah I'm super happy with the guitar.
    Actually while I was shopping and had decided to get an R8 I never considered the color options.
    Just wanted the best playing guitar I could find.
    To me - this guitar was it, took about three months to decide and play a lot of them.
    Touched this and the sparks went
    Didn't even know what this color was called until I came home and started looking through the paperwork.
    To me this guitar is a real beauty and plays and sounds majestically, that's about the best work I can think of to describe what the sound and playability is like.
    All subjective of course.
    Gibson really nailed it with this guitar.
    Raised the action just a bit.
    2.75 on bass side and 2.00 on the treble side.
    It's perfect action for me and the 10's that are on it.
    As you can tell I'm still very excited about the :):):)

    Thanks again
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    Sep 12, 2016
    The gloves in the 1 photo where he is inking the serial is priceless! They need a jig to ink the serial number? My goodness;)
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    Sep 25, 2017
    Awesome post. I love playing guitar very much. Thanks for sharing.
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