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Discussion in 'Fender' started by Frogfur, May 5, 2017.

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    Jan 18, 2013
    Today I got out the strat. It hasn't been out since last August.

    This was a limited edition (I know)in surf green. Which I bought in 2012??
    but fun triva, the fender, Surf Green was a Chevrolet factory offered color in 1957 for the Bel Air.
    Leo snagged a can, and introduced a new color for
    guitars. Namely..his.
    It has had a number of mods, but the best one is the blend pot, which blends various combinations of the pickups This goes beyond strat. I got this harness assembly from jonesy.

    It more than what you might imagine. This guitar employes a master volume, master tone, and blend knob. Which just makes sounds you can't get in a stock configurations.
    I have also always hated the strat knobs, So on go the reflectors which I can see allot better with my old eyes. I never got use to fender knobs.

    This is a sweet strat. Like the rest, I am keeping this one too.
    It has the nice micro tilt adjustment feature.

    Lastly, one of my tricks is, to always leave something unoticable for positive I'D on every instrument should that be necessary in the future for some reason.
    Notice the one screw missing in a particular spot ? most thevies will pay zero
    attention to that when they steal it.
    I'd know that guitar in a Joey Deago minute,..anywhere.(Sorry..Joey.)

    I also prefer the older style mini kidney bean Turner knobs, which is just what I am use to. Nothing at all wrong with their stock tuners, they're just not very graceful.

    Once the Fender system vibrato is set up right, these just rain supreme on a bigsby for precession, easy of use and effectiveness period. Bigsbys need to be turned to get the most out of them.

    This strat is strung with Ernie Ball, Custom Gauge, 10-46s.

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    Feb 4, 2012
    It's the surf king! :rofl:

    Very nice looking strat.

    Those original dupont car colors Leo used from the 50s and 60s looked great on a strat. Agree with you on floating the trem. Carl Verheyen has some great tips on YouTube on how to set up the tremelo.

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