T-rex pedals??

Discussion in 'Pedals' started by nolzen, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Angus Blackmore

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Any opinions on the newer Dr. Swamp?

    I simply cannot live without mine. My drive pedal journey started with the MXR Distortion III (too muddy), the Marshall Jackhammer (muddy again and too much faff).... I saw an ad for the Mean Machine and discovered the dual drive thing, but it was waaaaay out of my price ranged at £200 .... but that same day I saw a Dr Swamp on sale for £50 and snapped it up. I love it and it hasn't left my board.

    I've compared it with xCotic BB+, zen drive, JHS thunder bird and Wampler Dual Drive and the Swamp is still my favourite and better to my ears. I even bought a Bogner Ecstasy Red as they are meant to be one of the very best (they are) and the Swamp still rules.

    The flip flop switching is great when I'm gigging a bit drunk as many of the others I mentioned are drive and boost, and some even change direction!!
  2. Eric R

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    Nov 22, 2016
    godd*mnit!!! Now I want a T-rex again! just sold my Mudhoney (old model) couple months ago. having an afaire with it, bought it en sold it a couple of times. Great pedal voor that lowgain bluesrock sound.

    Recepy: Gibson Les Paul wiith Tonezone bridge humbucker in split -> Marshall JCM900 on clean with eq's going Bass 10 Mid 10 trebl 0 then Trex Mudhoney in front, gain at 10 o clock and dial in some volume. INSTANT ACDC!!

    Recently I sold my T-Rex Tremster. great subtile and clear sounding tremolo. But I wasnt using it so, had to go.

    Still wondering if an Alberta would be something usefull for me.

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