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Discussion in 'The Squawk Box' started by rockinlespaul, May 16, 2018.

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    Aug 12, 2007
    Hey guys, I have been seriously thinking about changing the speakers in my 18 watt Blockhead.

    It came stock with two 12" Celestion alnico blues, and although it sounds great the way it is with the blues, I think I may be better off with some greenbacks or creambacks with my playing style.

    The speakers are well broke in and sound great with no issues. Anyone know approximately what a pair of these would go for in the real world?

    Much appreciated.
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    Jul 11, 2010
    Fred I wonder if it is worth trying a Ceramic to match the Alnico Blue?

    My contact at Celestion in the UK suggested the G1235-XC as a pair for the Alnico Cream so I would assume this would pair great with the Blue. You can shoot him an Email & ask the question to see what he says: -



    A friend has the G1235-XC & it does sound great.

    No idea on the second hand pricing on used Blues in the US market but if new is ~ $280 - $300 then I would think you'll get at least half that but that is just an educated guess.

    Good luck.

    Cheers, Rudi
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