Saw Paul McCartney In Concert A Few Days Ago :)

Discussion in 'The Cellar' started by HearHear, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Sep 30, 2012
    . It was 93 ? Wow , I was guessing on the date , Thanks , now that brings others parts of my life into perspective ,, thanks for the time update ,,, It was a great show ,, what was weird was the way the stage was set up . You would have thought it was set up in the end zone, but it was on the side of Willy Brice stadium . I remember the long video they showed on the screen . My brother was with me and he got pissed off because he was really into some political views that was anti PETA . He lost the perspective of one thing ,, we were there for the music .
    They were touring in support of the Off The Ground album which is still one of My favorite solo Paul records . I enjoyed the acoustic set he did and loved the tribute to John he also showed on the screen .. This is still one of my top 5 concerts of all time and I have been to about two hundred shows . I still remember the lefty Dark Les Paul he used on Golden Slumbers /The Weight/ The End ... Seeing Linda was Part of the music history I get to tell people about . What do you wanna bet her vocal mic was cut off !! Where were your seats at Willy Brice ? How far did you trave to see the show ? I came up from Charleston that night . I had a buddy that got phenomenal seats for us ,, dead center on the seventh row . I think I paid 80 bucks back then ,, now that would be 4 times as much . Glad you updated me on the year ,, a lot has gone down in my life since then ,,, Do you still live in the Carolinas ?
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    I was attending college in Columbia at the time, I'm a Gamecock. So of course I couldn't pass that concert up! I no longer live in South Carolina, I'm a Floridian now.

    I do remember Paul's stage being on the side of the stadium, now that you mention it. I saw the Rolling Stones at the same stadium the very next year (1994) on their Voodoo Lounge tour, and their stage was set up in the end zone.

    I think quite a few people did not like the anti-meat video that was shown at the beginning of Paul's concert, especially in South Carolina where barbecue pork is like a main diet staple.

    Was Linda's mike off? I don't remember that. Maybe that's why Linda didn't look happy? Technical issues? It was great to see her, she was beautiful in person and I'm sure Paul still misses her.

    Don't remember how much I paid for tickets, but I still have them in a box somewhere!!! Along with a t-shirt and program from the concert. I'll have to dig them out and scan them in someday, I'll post them here when I do. My seats were directly in front of the stage, but much further back than you were. Thanks for sharing your memories!
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    In Syracuse, when they set that off it was AWESOME.

    I don't use that word like the modern-man who calls a cup of coffee "awesome". I reserve "awesome" for things like visiting Yosemite. Or seeing a hillside lit up by AC130 gunfire.

    The fireworks set part of the stage on fire. I was nervously watching it, trying to decide to hustle my wife toward an exit, or enjoy Hey Jude.

    They got the fire put out, we enjoyed Hey Jude.
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    Going this Wed the 27 th at the new Nassau Coliseum . Bringing my eleven year old.
    He'll always be able to say he saw a Beatle!
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