Repairing tuning peg holes

Discussion in 'The Custom Shop' started by P1425, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Apr 8, 2010
    My current project is an Epiphone LP Special 2. Someone in the past has enlarged the tuning peg holes and made mess of it. The holes are in some cases oval and are of all different sizes. As I see it, the options are:

    i. Fill the holes around the edges and then re-drill tidily to the required diameter.

    ii. Drill all the holes out to, say, a uniform 12mm and fit a stainless sleeve with a 10.8mm inside diameter

    iii. Buy a new neck.

    I'm hovering between i and ii and would appreciate some guidance.
  2. Paragon

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    Apr 10, 2008
    It might be hard to drill through an oval hole without a drill press. Basic thing would be to enlarge the hole to a standard dowel size, glue a plug in, sand, drill new hole, refinish.. or not.
  3. neil_004

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    Jul 7, 2009
    This is a common repair on violins. The method there is to ream the hole with a tapered reamer and plug it with a tapered plug or spiral bushing. Might be a bit expensive to buy those tools for a one time job.
    A drill press would be a requirement for drilling out the old holes. If you do not use one you will crack the headstock. Even with one, if you are not careful, you might crack it.
  4. H.E.L.Shane

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Ok..... being that this is an eppi and a bolt on....

    I'll commit sacriledge and tell ya what you can do to "get it by"

    Rough up the holes with some 60 grit, then, gob e'm up around the edges with JB weld. Don;t use regular epoxy and don't use the 5 minute JB...

    let that sit a day, then you can re-drill the holes.

    you can prime and paint right over the JB if you desire, or leave it if your washers cover it up.

    I would not do this on a customers guitar, i figure if they are paying me, the job needs to be done right.. however, when local kids drag something into my shop and beg for help... i have a few tricks up my sleeve!

    the correct way is to use a drill press, drill the hole to a dowel size, insert the dowel, and re-drill, re-finish!!

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