R8 vs. '68 Triburst Custom

Discussion in 'Historics & Reissues' started by uncajoey, May 27, 2007.

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    May 27, 2007
    Hey, guys-

    I'm new to this, so please be gentle with my stupid questions. A little history first.

    I own an 2004 R7 Goldtop, which I purchased after getting rid of a production LP Standard, which while having great flame, absolutely sucked as a musical instrument. It didn't stay in tune, the frets felt like railroad ties, the rosewood fretboard was made of lousy grade material, the inlays were placed sloppily, blah, blah, blah. The Historic guitar is amazing, which means it plays like a dream. What I do miss is the flame, so I'm considering either a mid-nineties to '02 R8, or possibly a newer '68 custom triburst with flame.

    First question: are CS instruments always this much better than production product?

    Also, would someone please compare and contrast the two axes? My preference is for smaller "vintage" style frets, so that rules out R9 and R0, I believe, and the R8is ostensibly just an R7 with a different top, right? Will an R8 feel much like an R7? Will the 68 have larger frets, or are they truly "fretless wonders?'"

    Somebody help!!!!!!!!

  2. murkat

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    Apr 8, 2007
    68 has same fret wire as others, no fretlessswonder. there heavy compared to R7, R8. Nail the flamed R8, there value is starting to climb, get while yu can afford :)
  3. Redfish

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    Jul 6, 2007
    I have owned both of the guitars you are contemplating and I would recommend a used R9. I owned a 2001 R8 that had a beautiful top but had a super bright sounding bridge pickup due to the fact that the bridge pickup was located too close to the bridge. It was icepick bright. I replaced the pickups and electronics but could never get it to sound good. The pickguard had a gap in it showing the mistake but I just thought it was the pickguard that had the problem until I learned different. People were selling pickguards on ebay that covered the gap so I bought one and sold the guitar on ebay. I believe they corrected this around 2001-2002. These R8's also had smaller frets than they do now. I then bought a 68 Custom Historic and while it was a great guitar with an awesome top, it was heavy (10 pounds) and really didn't have that vintage sound to my ears. I now have a 2007 R8 that is just what I've been looking for. Great weight, fat sound, plays great. I would love it to have a flame top but just didn't want to spend the bucks for flames. The later R8 flame tops are great guitars but the prices are getting comparable to used R9s. Just my 2 cents. Good luck in your search. All of the Historics are great guitars.

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