PSA Chibson SG at Moline IL EZ Pawn

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    There is a thread that my father started on TDPRI, 'Guess Who Has a Fake Gibson SG'. If you want the full story and pictures check out the article but here is the gist...

    My father, who is a Tele guy and not an avid Gibson collector, bought it a while back and decided to trade it off on another guitar at GC where he found out it was a Chibson. He took it back to the pawn shop where they verified through a local store it was a fake. At the time they refused to refund the cash but since then he has been refunded. They put it back on the sales floor and sold it again as a Gibson. Another person bought it and through the TDPRI thread found out that it was a fake and returned it. The store currently has it back on the wall again but with a $100 price tag. I called the Moline IL police department and notified them and they sent out a couple of officers to talk to me and my father. Long story short they say it's out of their jurisdiction and can not force the pawn shop to take it down even though the store is knowingly selling a counterfeit.

    I just want to get the word out and hopefully any potential buyers in the QCA see's this before purchasing.

    To a trained eye it's an easy fake to spot but of course not everyone knows what to look for. It's a silverburst SG style guitar, binding on the neck (no nibs), the serial number is etched and not stamped, and has a QC sticker on the back with misspellings. Heck it even has fake Grover tuners .

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