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Discussion in 'Pickups' started by Zumus, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Sep 12, 2015
    Hey guys! I was thinking that it would be a really good idea if we sort of put our heads together to create a solid list of websites to buy pickups.

    By pickup shop I'm meaning more of the handwound type of stuff like Lollar, Novak, Rose, etc. If you have anywhere you know of or like to go to buy pickups, just put it here! Thanks guys :acoustic:
  2. ramaglia375

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    Apr 15, 2016
  3. Bobby Mahogany

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    Feb 25, 2012
    Some of the 2010 guys have been in jail since then...
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  4. Zumus

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    Sep 12, 2015
  5. ARandall

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    Apr 16, 2012
    There was one done not too long ago as well. It had almost 200 winders on there - but unless it becomes a sticky then it gets lost.
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  6. Brutus

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Adeson Pickups
    Aero Instrument Pickups
    AGL Pickups
    AJL Custom Shop USA
    A Little Thunder Pickups
    Allparts Pickups
    Amalfitano Pickups
    Amber Pickups
    Angeltone Electronics Pickups
    APC Pickups
    Arcane Pickups
    Armstrong Handwound Pickups
    Arnsparger Guitar Pickups
    Artec Pickups
    Artisan Guitar Electronics
    Avedissian Pickups
    Bacchus Handmade Guitars*
    Bare Knuckle Pickups*
    Barfuss Pickups
    Bartolini Pickups and Electronics
    Belcat Pickups
    Belltone Pickups
    Benedetto Jazz Pickups
    Benson Pickups
    BG Pickups
    Bill Lawrence USA
    Blackwater Guitar Co.
    BLK/TRI Hand-wound Scatter Coil Pickups
    Bloodline Pickups by John Page
    Bolt Electric Pickups
    Bootleg Guitars
    Borealis Guitars Pickups
    Brandoni Custom Guitars
    Brandonwound Pickups
    Brierley Guitar Pickups
    Budz Pickups
    Bulldog Pickups
    Bullock Guitar Pickups
    Burns of London Trisonic Pickups
    Cabrera Pickups
    Carl Bradychok Custom Pickups
    Catwhisker Pickups
    Cavalier Pickups
    Cellinos Handwound Pickups
    Chevalier Pickups
    Chris White Pickups
    C. M. Daugherty Hand Wound Pickups L.L.C.
    Corsa Guitars
    Crazyparts Customwound Pickups*
    Cream T Pickups*
    Creamery Pickups
    CreamTone Pickups
    Crocker Custom Guitars
    Curtis Novak Pickups
    Custom Guitar Workshop Pickups
    Custom Wound Pickups
    David Allen Pickups*
    Dawgtown Custom Shop
    Deacci Pickups*
    Dean Pickups
    Dean Markley Pickups
    DeLisle Pickups
    DeArmond Pickups
    DeGregorio Pickups
    DeJarnett Pickups
    DeTemple Pickups
    DGN Custom Guitars Pickups
    DiMarzio Pickups*
    Dominger Pickups
    Dommenget Pickups
    Don Mare Pickups
    Doyle Coils*
    Dragonfire Guitars
    Dragonfly Original Pickups
    DS Pickups
    Duvoisin Guitars Pickups
    Eastgrove Pickups
    Eastwood Guitars
    Echopark Pickups
    Edis Pickups
    Electric City Pickups*
    EMG Pickups
    Engine Pickups
    Entwistle Custom Pickups
    Epiphone Pickups*
    ESP Pickups*
    Estrela Pick-ups
    Eternal Guitars Hot-Rod Pickups
    Faber Pickups
    Fatboy Guitars*
    Fender Pickups*
    Feulie Pickups
    Fishman Pickups
    FJ Coyote Pickups
    Flying Mojo Pickups
    Fokin Pickups
    Foothill Pickups
    Fred Stuart Guitars Pickups
    Fujigen (FGN) Guitar Pickups
    G&L Musical Instruments
    Gadow Guitars Pickups
    Gemini Pickups
    Genesis Pickups
    George L's Pickups
    Geppetto Guitars Pickups
    GFS Guitar Pickups
    Gibson Pickups*
    Gil Yaron
    Godin Pickups*
    Golden Age Pickups
    Good Tone Pickups - Handmade Guitar Pickups
    Goran Guitars Pickups
    Gotoh Pickups*
    Granville Guitars Custom Pickups
    Grinning Dog Pickups
    Grosh Guitars
    Guitar Electronics Pickups
    Guitar Fetish Pickups
    Guitar Force Pickups
    GuitarHeads Pickups
    Guitar Logistics Pickups
    Haensler Electrics
    Habanero Pickups
    Hanson Pickups
    Harmonic Design Pickups
    Harpmaster Pickups
    Harrison Guitar Pickups
    Häussel Pickups
    Haywire Custom Guitars
    Heartland Tone
    Heavy Air Guitar Pickups
    Heckler Pickups
    Hepcat Pickups
    Heywood Pickups
    High Order Pickups
    Highline Guitars Pickups
    Hogland Brothers Guitar Shop Pickups
    HomeWrecker Pickups
    Honey Badger Pickups
    Hot Rod 6 Strings Custom Wound Pickups
    Howl Guitars Handwound Pickups
    Ian Anderson Pickups*
    Ibanez Pickups
    Instrumental Pickups
    Irongear Pickups
    Jake Jones Classic Guitar Pickups
    James Tyler Guitars
    Jason Lollar Pickups*
    JBE Pickups
    JC Vintage Pickups
    Jeppson Guitars Pickups
    Jess Loureiro Handwound Pickups
    JGC Pickups
    Jimmy Wallace Pickups
    JM Rolph Pickups*
    Joe Barden Pickups
    JS Moore Pickups*
    Juicy Pickups
    K&T Modern Vintage Guitars*
    Kamel Chenaouy Products International - KCPI Pickups
    Kathy & Nicolas Pain Guitar & Bass Pickups
    Kami Pickups
    Kent Armstrong Handwounds
    Kiesel Carvin Guitar Pickups
    Killing Floor Pickups
    Kinman Pickups
    Klein Pickups*
    Kloppman Electric Pickups
    Kremona Pickups
    Lace Music Products
    Langcaster Pickups
    Larivee Guitars Pickups
    Lauzon Pickups
    Leddin Vintage Guitars
    LeoSounds Pickups
    Lindy Fralin Pickups*
    LR Baggs
    Lundgren Pickups
    Lust for Tone Pickups
    Luther Lee Pickups
    Mack Amps Pickups
    Mac's Electro-Magnetics
    Madhouse Designs
    Magnetics Pickups
    Magneto Design Lab
    Malagoli Pickups
    Manlius Pickups
    Manson Guitar Works
    Maxon Pickups*
    Maxsonic Pickups
    McNelly Pickups
    Mighty Mite Pickups
    Mike Turk Pickups
    MJS Pickups
    Mojo Pickups*
    Mojotone Custom Pickups
    Monstertone Guitar Pickups
    Montreux Guitar Pickups
    Monty's Guitars Pickups*
    Motor City Pickups
    Mr Fabulous Guitars
    Mullinax Guitar Pickups
    Nick Silver Pickups
    Nordstrand Pickups
    OC Duff Pickups
    Oil City Pickups
    Onamac Windery Custom Pickups
    Only Music USA Pickups
    Organic Electric Guitar Pickups
    Ormsby Guitars Pickups
    OTPG Pickups*
    Owen Duffy Pickups
    Ox4 Pickups*
    Patrick McDonald Handwound Pickups
    Paul Vo Pickups
    Perri Ink Custom Guitars
    Phil X Pickups by Arcane
    Pickupmakers di Massimo Serra
    Pickup Wizard
    P J Marx Pickups
    Poboy Pickups
    Porter Pickups
    Paul Reed Smith Pickups*
    Proto Guitars
    Puretone Pickups
    Q Pickups
    Q-Tuner Pickups
    Railhammer Pickups
    Rautia Guitars
    Raw Vintage Pickups
    RCI Guitar Pickups
    RD Pickups
    Reed James Custom Pickups
    Reilander Pickups
    Revel Pickups
    Rewind Electric
    RH Factor Guitars
    Rice Custom Guitars Pickups
    Righteous Sound Pickups
    Rio Grande Pickups
    Roadhouse Pickups
    Robert Keeley Electronics Pickups
    Rock Monkey Pickups
    Rocketfire Pickups
    Rockfield Pickups
    Rogers Pickups
    Romaine Pickups
    Ron Ellis Pickups*
    Rose Pickups
    RPS Handwound Pickups
    Rumplestiltskin Pickups
    Sanford Magnetics Pickups
    Saytone Hand Winding Pickups
    Schecter Guitar Research
    Sentell Pickups
    Sergio Rosar Pickups
    Seymour Duncan Pickups*
    Shed Pickups*
    Sheptone Pickups*
    Sigil Pickups*
    Silver Hand Pickups
    Sin Pickups
    SK Guitar Pickups
    Skatterbrane Pickups*
    Sklar Guitars Pickups
    Slider's Vintage Pickups
    Smits Pickups
    Sonic Wrench Labs Pickups
    Sonnys Custom Shop
    Spalt Instruments
    SP Custom Pickups
    Stan Hinesly Pickups
    Steffsen Pickups Belgium
    Stephens Designs Pickups*
    Sublime Pickups Budapest
    Suhr Guitars Pickups
    Sullivan Music Equipment
    Surdo Pickups
    Sydewynder Pickups
    Telenator Pickups
    Tesla Pickups
    Texas Authentic Pickups
    The Creamery Pickups
    The Little Guitar Shop Guitar Research Pickups
    Thorn Guitars
    Throbak Electronics Pickups*
    Timpson Music Pickups
    TK Smith Pickups
    Tokai Pickups*
    Tom Anderson Guitar Works
    Tom Brantley Rewinds
    Tom Holmes Pickups*
    Tom Shorts Pickups
    Tone Emporium Pickups
    Tonehunter Handwound Pickups
    Tornade MS Pickups
    Torres Handwound Pickups
    TTS Pickups
    Tub Guitar Pickups
    TV Jones Pickups
    Tyson Tone Pickups
    Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups
    Van Zandt Pickups
    Vaughn Skow Guitar Pickups
    Vineham Pickups
    Vintage Inspired Pickups
    Vintage Vibe Pickups
    Virgil Arlo Pickups
    Voltage Guitar Pickups
    Voodoo (Peter Florance) Pickups*
    Warman Guitars
    WCR Pickups*
    Webber Custom Pickups
    Wilde Pickups
    Wilkinson Guitar Parts
    Will Boggs
    Williams Pickups
    Witkowski Custom Pickups
    Wizard Pickups
    Wizz Pickups*
    Wolfetone Pickups*
    Zach Attack Guitar Pickup
    Zexcoil Pickups
    Zhangbucker Pickups
    Zivory Hand-Wound Pickups
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    Apr 10, 2011
  8. Zhangliqun

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Is there ever an ocean of us these days...
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  9. CheopisIV

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    Apr 15, 2010
    And more popping up every day! There's a few names that are exclusive to eBay and other platforms but I think most eventually move to a website.
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    Mar 12, 2009
    Sad but true. What is it about our industry that attracts the less-than-stable and the feet-draggers? Fly by night operations and poor customer service/turnaround time seem to be the accepted norm. That's always bothered me a great deal. Puts a nasty smudge on our otherwise helpful and brilliant industry.
  11. cooljuk

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Jun 19, 2011

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