Pickup overload...new IA's now too.

Discussion in 'Pickups' started by rockinlespaul, Dec 27, 2017.

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    I foolishly sold the pickups in both of my guitars back in October. Don't ask. Anyways, I was on the hunt to replace them and Ian Anderson got in touch with me and offered to make a set for me. I have been wanting to try his pickups for a few years now so I went for it.

    Fast forward about a month and no pickups. By now I'm jonesing to play one of my guitars. A good close friend sent me a older set of alnico II Duncan's so I threw them in my wraptail so I would have something to play.

    Fast forward another month and still no pickups from Ian. Mind you, we are in communication with each other any time I need via Facebook messenger. He's waiting on magnets now. Ok.

    Fast forward to about a week or so before Christmas and I am pretty much giving up on the IA's and looking for another set of pickups.

    I end up getting a set of Rewind low winds. I had a set of medium winds in my wraptail to begin with and those pups sounded incredible. Like they were made for my guitar. Anyways, I put them in my R7 and they sound awesome! Sweet!

    Within the next few days, I do a trade for another cool set... Burstbucker 3 set from a collector's choice Carmelita.

    I go for my wraptail to swap out the Duncan's for the Burstbuckers and notice a crack going from the treble side tailpiece stud to the humbucker cavity. Shit!!!

    Talk to my tech, he says no problem fixing that at all. After some thought, I decide to sell it to my very good friend Bob, who is Caretaker here on the forums.

    The day before Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon no less, the Ian Anderson pickups show up! Shit!

    I quickly put them in the R7 hoping, kinda in a way, that they suck so I can recoup some cash. Nope... they don't suck. They are really good. They remind me of the Ron Ellis set I had in my LRP R7. Woody, single coil like, etc. Just a really fantastic set.

    I now have one guitar, my R7, and two extra sets of awesome pickups.

    I guess I will need another guitar or two. I don't want to sell any of them and end up in the same boat again.

    I did find another Oxblood and put that bad boy on hold last night, so that takes care of one set lol.

    I do have to say, all three sets are killer and eventually I will find a new home for them.

    Huge thanks goes out to my buddy John for helping me with the Rewind transaction and of course James! James can wind one spectacular pickup!

    A huge shout out to Ian as well for coming thru when I was starting to think it was a wash. Ian, your pickups are the bomb my friend!

    Ok that's all lol.
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    Nov 25, 2014
    Had to give a like. I love guitar stories! It makes me realize I'm not the only kook out there!! Don't feel bad Fred I have two sets of pickups I'm not letting go that are in need of a home. I think I'll follow your path - I need two more guitars!
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    Cool story!
    If you are to solve your pickups overstock problem by buying more guitars,
    I say you have it pretty good!
    Now, what are you gonna do with the pickups that come with the guitars?
    Buy guitar husks for them?
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    What a rockin' Christmas!

    I'm glad things all fell together.
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