Pickup match for SD screamin demon in SG

Discussion in 'Other Gibsons' started by ColdCobra, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Jul 17, 2012
    I have a 2003 Gibson SG Faded that I recently refinished in Pelham Blue. Really fun guitar. I'm not big on the stock pickups. They have good articulation and dynamics but are VERY hot. I was thinking about putting in a SD screamin demon (wound by MJ nonetheless) that I have not being used. The only other pickups I have on the shelf are GFS retrotrons, which are OK but kind of meh (why they're on the shelf in the first place).

    Any thoughts on what would pair well with the screamin demon? Another low output PAF? What about a P90? I don't know if anyone makes a hybrid P90/HB pickguard though, and I'd have to do some routing... :hmm:

    Also, can I put a nickel cover on the screamin demon without altering its sound significantly? I think a nickel cover will look classy with the hardware.

    sound clip of stock pickups: http://soundcloud.com/longblacktie/2012-9-13-gibson-sg-pelham

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    Apr 28, 2010
    An SD 59 is generally a safe bet in the neck. As far as the covers affecting the tone, you're going to hear as many answers and arguments as you can think of. It's easier if you just try it. If you like the looks and can't hear any difference, great. If you hear something you don't like that outweighs the cosmetics, take it off. They are easy enough to add and remove.

    BTW...refin looks good!
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    59, pearly gates or Seth lover

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