Odd or unconventional pickup combos

Discussion in 'Pedals' started by lp johnny, Oct 20, 2007.

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    May 13, 2007
    That work for you....let's hear some others

    I had an uncovered Tom Holmes 455 To put in the bridge of my G0..and needed a neck pickup so..I called Will at WB..great guy btw..and he wound me a vtph (hot) neck pickup with the '67 wire.
    I finally put them in..and..
    Well they were not quite what I expected..I thought the bridge was a little too smooth and the neck a little too hot..my G0 is woody and dry..if that's the right term..
    After talking with my friend that has the Tom's loaded in his Lester I thought I'd try the Holmes in the neck and the WB in the bridge...
    The WB is punchy ,clear and dynamic..like a good paf..exactly what I wanted..and the neck?
    Smooth, clear with a nice growl when pushed..exactly what I wanted..
    So thanks Will and TH....and thanks to this forum for all the advice and encouragement.
    Btw.. I thought the TH looked goofy with the black coils in the neck when the bridge has a nice raw nickle cover..so I nicked one from my BB's for the 455...I guess it's now in disguise...lol
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    glad you found your sound!

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