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    Well I've been waitin' n hopin' to get some better pics, but here's, I think 562 & 563:

    1980 LP Firebrand, bought used in '82. My favorite, most played guitar of all time! Ugliest I've ever owned, but man-o man, does it rip! Original pups are elsewhere , but a real "PAF" in the neck and an early "Patent Sticker" in the bridge! Oh, and did I mention that "IT RIPS?" :dude: Ebony fingerboard is fairly heavily scalloped from playing, finish on the back of the neck is long gone, as is most of the finish on the back of the body. The divot below the pickups is a good 1/8" or more deep, from where my stinky pinky always lands! Once in tune, you can throw it against the wall and still in tune! Like an old Timex watch, it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! :naughty: Unfortunately, it's already had the last "gentle" fret level that it can take and will soon need new stainless frets. What I refer to as a "gentle" fret level, is not quite taking all the deepest divots out of the frets, but simply bringing all the other frets more closely in line with those lowest divots! Not really the ideal approach, but it can "milk" a little extra life out of the frets! I'm not a huge fan of really low action anyway, it's all about the tonezz, and this guitar's GOTZZEM in spades!

    And here's my new acquisition as my first planned flip! I ruthlessly stole this from a pawn shop! 1981 Les Paul Custom with very wrong pickups! Other than that the guitar plays in a stellar manner, is otherwise all original with no neck repairs or other damage, other than normal wear & tear. It weighs in at an even 12 pounds!

    IMG_0207.JPG IMG_0205 copy.jpg IMG_0208.JPG

    More and better pics to follow, when I get a chance! My other main workhorse is from the first year after Norlin, an all black (including the hardware) 1988, dot neck Studio with a lower grade ebony fingerboard. It sports the pups that came out of the Firebrand and is absolutely monstrous, but not "officially" a Norlin, so no pics here, though it shares many characteristics, but unfortunately my beloved "Volute" is not one of them! It does however have the characteristic Norlin, splits at the seams on the top, is fairly heavy and it plays and screams like a banshee!

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    I have one! :) Bought used in 1976 - I was 15.

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    I have these three, 86 Studio Standard on left, ~72? LPR-B center, and 75 LP Deluxe. The bass and deluxe have pancake bodies. The bass has a one piece mahogany top and no volute, which I thought was kind of strange. The Deluxe has a volute but not a pronounced one. The SS has a pencil thin neck (no like), no volute and has original Shaws based on research. It has faber bridge and tailpiece and a 50's harness.

    Just adding some details on the necks. The bass has 3 piece mahagony, the deluxe 3p maple, and the SS solid hog. The fretboards on with the deluxe and the bass are superb!


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    668 (Darrel you went back 100, it should have been 66x and not 56x) 1981 Goldtop Deluxe, routed for stud mount Kahler, behind the nut locking, routed for Humbucker in the bridge. I give you, The Beast
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    You are correct! Thank you for pointing out my Senior Moment! :eek2:

    I went back and edited my mistakes and apologize for any confusion I caused! :facepalm:

    So if we count the bass too it is

    669 going forward....

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