NGD..70's Style!!

Discussion in 'Fender' started by Kris Ford, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Dec 17, 2011

    '02 70's Classic, in black, with rosewood '03 has a buddy now!

    It had the tuxedo look going on..the black pickup covers, knobs and tip..but if it isn't a 1981 International Colors series..(which REALLY thought it was for a split second!), or a Blackmore sig (I attribute that look to him), then I really didn't care for it got a bath, fretboard deep cleaned with a kiss of oil, I had some aged white plastic that I installed in place of the black..much better..pic is lighter than real life..the guitar has seen some smoke..(doesn't stink though!)

    I have some options though..I have a new white guard on the way, with the Pure Vintage plastic kit, in eggshell..and I also ordered the Vintage White kit to see how it will work with the yellowed guard. The maple is more yellowed on the this one, compared to the Natural..which is still pretty "white".....trem is decked..will probably float it like it's lil sisters..

    Necks are profiled the same..pretty consistent..though the rosewood one feels a tad thicker..due to profile I'd think..feels great! Pickups, though both having same part numbers, are totally different in sound and feel..the black one's are a tad hotter sounding..bridge is a ripper! Will probably tweak here and there..but might have it dialed in just right..of course, will have to re-do all of that if I switch guard or pickup covers..but I will measure it do get it close.

    Grabbed one of these for it too!
    I think it's a nice case! It's The PRO case, so black lined..but seems solid, and better than a gig bag!

    I really like these early 70's Classics! The chunky, blocky body is actually somewhat period correct, and have the same feel and vibe of the 70s Fenders I have they are more like a CONTINUATION of them..not a reissue!

    I'll get better pics up..can't put it down!

    I had thought about swapping necks between them..but do NOT want to change a thing! (except the slight cosmetics)
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    Jul 16, 2015
    Nice pair!

    I have one! Love those big headstock strats! 70s vibe all the ways!
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  3. DarrellV

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    Nov 1, 2016
    Very nice Kris! Sorry, I just found this ! :sadwave:

    Explains why they were in your rig at the moment thread...:hmm:

    Didn't remember seeing them after the black NGD! My bad! :facepalm:

    As always you have great taste in guitars!:cheers: Enjoy!
  4. Texsunburst59

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Very Nice Kris.

    Congrats on 2 cool looking guitars.

    Looks like you're on a Strat kick now.

    I've been on one for a while now.

    I'm up to 14 Fender Strats right now.

    Here's a pic of my to original 70's Fender Strats.

    My '75 Mocha and '79 Antigua in this pic.

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