Need help! About the set neck Epi LP Jrs ('57 RI) and Specials.

Discussion in 'Epiphone Les Pauls' started by PrivateRadio, Jun 6, 2017.

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    May 30, 2017
    hey all! First post, but longtime lurker and I've gleaned a ton of valuable information from you people!

    SO, everybody on here raves about the '57 Reissue Epi Jr, often going so far as to say it's as good as the recent Gibson juniors. So I went on the hunt for one, and word seems to have gotten out because they've all gone up in price quite a bit to the point where a super-damaged one is on eBay for $460 as we speak.

    That said, the main defining features that seem to set those apart are the set neck and stock Grover tuners. In hunting for a TV Yellow one I keep running into Specials, yknow P-90s, TOM bridge, that ALSO have the set necks, Grover tuners and Custom Shop stamps on the headstock. So my question is: Are these Specials (seem to mkstly have been made in the 2010-2011) essentially the same quality level that seemed to surprise everybody about the '57 reissue Juniors? Or are they just a different beast that share some features?

    Also, bonus question: I have a Gibson Junior that's been my main guit through nearly a decade of touring and recording - I read it here all the time, but am I REALLY gonna think it compares?

    Let me know, and thanks you guuuuys.

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