NAD+ / Roland CUBE 60XL BASS / guitar / steel

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    can't post pix but they all look the same, but the difference is spitting my signal between this bass combo and my smaller Roland CUBE RX guitar amp. now it's a compact mini rig and even more of a Swiss Army Knife setup by letting the bass amp handle the meaty load and the RX exponentiate the uppers with the plethora of FX and sweeteners they boast, especially the 60XL which is really loaded. I grudgingly declined the bigger wattage 12'' speaker unit cos it lacked the 'Power Squeezer' which instead of being a tone suck button like I thot at first kinda gives you an entire 2nd amp with all new tones to work with. AND, I got it free! straight trade for an awesome / minty Gibson C250 2x8 steel console (which pained me to sit at properly) and was given to me. the big bummer being that I'll never hear that unique model steel thru this killer rig, it had a huge sound. but my other steels are tremendous thru the 60 at even the most minimal settings, then putting standard guitar thru it and experimenting with the COSM settings and other options delivers surprise after surprise. it gets pretty nutz in a good way! bass-wise, there's no one set it and leave it point, it's myriad tonal avenues are nearly endless, tons of useful tones, especially when pumping my exceptional Epi / Toby or G&L L-2000 Tribute thru it. I got the stunning G&L the same day as the 60 in almost as sweet a deal (this tall blonde beauty truly deserves a pic) so my early xmas gets marked on the calendar in big smiles.
    may everybody have a memorable buyers day like this at least once in their life!

    the body grain pattern seen here is very much like my maple neck tribby, super sweet as tho they were production twins
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