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    Sep 8, 2012
    got an attenuator finally.. these things are difficult to come by in South Africa, so after months of looking, and tryinga thd and weber, i decided to ask a locl amp builder if he made any, and lo and behold, he does.. he built me my handwired point to point supernova (also pictured), and now the attenuator too.

    great bit of kit. it attenuates down to roughly 0.1w. only thing i havent quite sussed out, it seems to attenuate some amps more than others. for anyone with valve amps, i heartily recommen attenuators.. i even use it at my weekend warrior jams, pleased with he result. it doesnt squash the sound like a thd and weber.
    the builder is JP le Roux of JP le Roux amp works. he buildssome killer amps.

    20170923_120936.jpg 20170902_132334.jpg 20170902_132322.jpg
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    Feb 2, 2012
    Nice guitar.
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